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SANCA is the largest circus school

in the United States, recognized nationally as a leader in youth circus arts education, safety, and instructor training. The school is located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, an area with limited access to arts and cultural opportunities, especially for children. Founded in 2004 with five students, more than 1,000 students now take classes at SANCA every week. To date in 2014 SANCA has served more than 49,400 people with classes and camps, in-school and after-school outreach programs, and public performances.

Unicycle_011114_joan_unicycle_BensonSquire_07-webSANCA offers experiences that are physically challenging, socially enriching, and teach physical literacy to people of all ages. SANCA’s services to the community include recreational classes and day camps to provide youth with a safe, social, constructive environment for physical arts. Our programs broaden community engagement, reach diverse audiences, and encourage participation in the arts. SANCA’s programs for youth reach those with the least access and opportunity to participate in healthy, creative, physical activities.

Our Mission

SANCA believes that participation in a regular activity is an important component of human development. Mastery of a physical skill builds self-esteem, while consistent interaction with staff and other students fosters cooperation, trust and develops social skills.

SANCA is dedicated to improving the mental, emotional, and physical health of children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities by engaging them in the joyous creativity of acrobatics and circus arts. SANCA provides quality instruction in unique physical arts in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment that provides both challenge and reward to the student.

SANCA Values

The SANCA community embraces the following core values in the work we do, the circus we learn, and the relationships we build:

Inclusivity:  We create a welcoming community that fosters trust, cooperation, and a sense of belonging.  We provide access for all to experience the joy of circus arts, whether as active participants, as engaged spectators, or as patrons of circus arts.

Play:  We delight in the joy of creative play, laughter, and having fun.  Circus gives us opportunities to grow our minds, grow our bodies, and grow our hearts.

Respect:  We believe mutual respect is the bedrock of a healthy community.  We treat ourselves and others with integrity and compassion in our words and deeds.

Excellence: We hold ourselves and each other to the highest personal and safety standards.  Understanding that failure and humility are integral to success and growth, we encourage persistence in the face of challenges.

Creativity: We create opportunities that ignite our imaginations and cultivate wonder in our community.

We are a Nonprofit

SANCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to serving students from all economic backgrounds by providing tuition scholarships.

To date, SANCA has awarded over $600,000 scholarship funds to more than 1,500 students. Your tax deductible donation supports SANCA’s Youth Scholarship Fund and ongoing programs.

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SANCAthon_2012_mag7_acro_NonFictionMedia_02“SANCA is the kind of place where the cool kids can be geeky, and the geeky kids are cool.” – SANCA Board Member, Nur Bernhardt


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A small child seemed somewhat upset after his first circus class. When asked if he had fun he replied, “Yes, but I didn’t like the part when it was over.”

“LOVED THIS PLACE. took a 2 hour intro course for flying trapeze. so much fun and the instructors were amazing. very friendly and professional staff. would highly recommend and would definitely go back when in town!” – Yelp reviewer, Brittany, from Ohio

“I think that SANCA is helping Stella to increase physical strength and flexibility as well as encouraging
independence and increasing her confidence.” – Lisa

“SANCA is an amazing organization and  a great educational experience.  Have taken a number of adult classes (acro, tumbling, aerial); and the staff is all very good and well qualified.  And it is a non-profit that provides services to needy children.  Definitely a bonus over other circus training programs in the area.” – Yelp reviewer, Tim