Snow Day

Snow Day was the first original production by the Youth Performance Company (now Cirrus Circus). It was the first performance to benefit SANCA, but the troupe didn’t have a budget for costumes so they wore their winter clothes and gear.


Mick’s Whoa Show

The Whoa Show was a kick off show that Terri Sullivan, Chuck, Jo, Tara, and of course the whole SANCA family graciously put together to help Mick Holsbeke go to ENC (École nationale de cirque). Friends from all over the Northwest were invited to perform. The SANCApators did the music and David Godsey hosted it.

Mick says, in 2014, “Honestly it was an incredible moment in my life, and I would never have been able to go to circus school if it wasn’t for the whoa show. I believe SANCA raised around $7,000 for me that night!!! Just thinking about it makes me feel so lucky to be sitting in front of my caravan at Cirque Plume in Paris. I owe it all to SANCA!!!”

Circo Vivo 2006

The second annual Circo Vivo, a springtime SANCA circus variety show, was performed in the gym on panel mats on the tumbl-trak. The original youth performance troupe, then called Youth Performance Company (YCo), had been recently formed and this was their debut show.

SANCA’s first show: Circo Vivo

SANCA’s show history begins with Circo Vivo, a variety benefit show.
Performers included Crystal Campbell, Chuck & Jo, Ben Wendel & Rachel Nehmer (as Curly Burly, now Duo Madrona), Scotty Walsh, Sally Pepper, Dr. Calamari & Acrophelia, and a select group of SANCA students.
Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center.