Tuition, Policies, and FAQs

Important information you should know about being in our circus


Classes in our gym are primarily offered as a twelve-week session. The 45-minute classes are $210 for twelve weeks, the 55-minute classes are $250 for twelve weeks, the 85-minute classes are $365 for twelve weeks, and the 115-minute classes are $450.

If you are taking a session class you may also take a strengthening class for a reduced price of $100 for the full session. Classes applicable include Circus Strong, Strength and Flexibility, and Strength with Rings and Straps.

If your child is taking a session class and you would like to be in your own class at the same time you may join an Adult Circus class for $100 for the full session.

Single Serving Classes are one-time classes available to our regular students and to those who can only come intermittently. If you are already enrolled in a session class you will get a 20% discount on the Single Serving tuition.



Payments and registration

  • Tuition is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Financial aid options are available; please contact SANCA’s office for more information.
  • There is an annual registration fee of $50. The registration fee is capped at $125 per year for families. It is non-refundable.
  • Our sessions run 12 weeks. Re-enrollment begins week 9. Current students have priority opportunity to enroll until enrollment opens to the public on the first day of week 11. Class spots will not be held. Auto-enroll is an option, ask in the office.
  • Enrollment continues into the third week of the session; new students must join a class no later than the third class.

SANCA Session Class Refund Policy
When registering for our session classes, it is expected that students will attend class every week.  We also understand that life happens!  Should something come up that would prohibit you from attending class, we offer the following refund policy:

  • Before or during week 1: Full refund may be given.
  • During weeks 2-5: Tuition may be converted into in-house credit only; no refund can be given.
  • Past week 5: No refund or in-house credit can be given past week 5 of any session.  If it is such that you can no longer take classes past week 5, you may choose to donate your remaining tuition to our Youth Scholarship Fund.

Make up classes: A 55-minute, general circus make-up class is available to all students, regardless of the length and specific skill of your missed class. Unfortunately we cannot offer make-up classes for specific skills (unicycle, aerial, etc.), though general circus make-ups practice a variety of skills. We invite students in skill-specific classes to attend the general circus make-up class as an opportunity to recoup missed gym time and try out different skills and apparatuses in our gym.

  • Each student can schedule up to three make-up classes per session.
  • You must sign up for make-up classes in advance to avoid overcrowding. We cannot guarantee make-up classes, though we do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • Make-up classes must be completed within the session.
  • We cannot prorate or refund for missed classes.
  • If SANCA closes due to weather or a holiday and you cannot do a make-up, we will credit the missed class towards future tuition.
  • Please let us know if you cannot attend your make-up class and we can reschedule you. If you sign up for a make-up class and are absent without notice, you forfeit the opportunity to make up the initially missed class.
  • There are no make-ups for Baby & Me or Tot Circus classes, but for pre-planned absences we will allow pro-rating (up to 3 classes).


  • Students are very active in class and frequently upside-down. Please make sure that students are wearing appropriate athletic attire, including underclothes, clothes that are not too baggy, a shirt that can tuck in; attire that will not expose them as they move.
  • No skirts or dresses
  • ABSOLUTELY NO zippers or buckles on clothing. They catch on aerial, trampoline and other equipment and can be dangerous to the student and damaging to equipment.
  • No degrading or profane messages on clothing.
  • Students may go barefoot or wear socks. Please have clean feet and/or clean socks.
  • Long hair must be tied back. No necklaces, rings, or other body jewelry.
  • Students who come to class without their circus attire will be asked to change their clothes.

Some classes have special footwear or other attire requirements. Please ask your coach if you need help picking out the perfect circus gear.

Class Conduct

  • Students MUST follow the safety rules. A student who cannot will be asked to take a break from attending circus class until they are able to follow the rules.
  • Students are expected to be courteous and encouraging to classmates.
  • Students must stay on the equipment or activity the instructor has chosen.
  • No gum or food during class. You may bring a water bottle. We provide water breaks and water for students.


  • Please do not bring your child to class with untreated pink eye, fever, vomiting or diarrhea, any wet or open rash or sores, or if you think s/he might have croup.
  • Please cover warts with tape or a band-aid.
  • Children exposed to chickenpox should not attend class for 21 days after the child’s exposure, to avoid potentially exposing others.
  • Children exposed to head lice may rejoin class after it is determined they do not have lice, or after treatment has begun.

Arrival/ Departure

  • On arrival, please accompany your child into the cubby area and have the student get ready for class.
  • The cubby area is not supervised and students under the age of 10 should not be left unattended. If you arrive more than 10 minutes before class begins please wait upstairs with your student until class time when your student may go downstairs.
  • We ask that non-students be in the waiting room upstairs while classes are in session. The cubby area is not a waiting area; students are easily distracted by a parent’s presence.
  • Please allow time for a visit to the bathroom or to change clothes before class, so the student does not miss warm ups.
  • While we understand that there are many circumstances that may lead to tardiness , we cannot allow a student to participate in a class if they are 10 minutes late or later. It is disruptive and unsafe. You may schedule a make up for that class.


  • The last class of each session is a skills showcase; students may invite family and friends to observe from chairs on the gym floor.
  • For the first eleven weeks observation of classes is not guaranteed. The upstairs waiting area has windows over the main gym ; there is no viewing area for the annexes or tot room.
  • Children in the waiting room must be supervised. Please help us to keep this area clean.
  • Do not sit on the stairs. It violates fire safety codes.
  • Please do not remove equipment from the teaching area for your child to play with.
  • Only students who are currently participating in class under an instructor’s supervision or those with explicit, written permission from the Director of Programs may use (or be on) our equipment. No one else may use (or be on) any equipment.
  • Parents or accompanying adults who are actively participating in their child’s Baby & Me class are allowed in our teaching areas. Occasionally exceptions are made for accompanying adults of Tot students to be in our teaching areas during the first week or two of a new session.  No other parents/ accompanying adults may be in any of our teaching areas.

Every Body’s Circus

  • Our circus school is open to everyone.
  • We would like to teach your child as effectively as possible. If your child has any particular physical or emotional needs or characteristics it is very helpful to let us know.
  • Students that require special attention may inquire about our one-on-one Every Body’s Circus coaching program. Talk with your coach or ask in the office.


  • Each class has certain required skills that must be mastered before moving on to the next level. Feel free to talk to your child’s instructor about their progress. We want students to be challenged but not intimidated, and to improve strength and skills while having fun. We expect that each student will take a class several times before moving to a new class.

Single Serving Circus Classes

  • We do not allow students to drop in to our 12-week session classes mid-session.
  • If you are curious about our circus arts classes please check out an Intro to Circus class!
  • Single Serving Circus classes are available for anyone interested in taking classes outside of our 12-week session schedule. Please sign up at least 48 hours in advance. For flying trapeze classes, please check out the flying trapeze schedule and reserve class spots here.


  • We try to keep the instructor of your classes as consistent as possible. Due to unforeseen sickness and emergencies your or your children’s classes may have a substitute. Also, due to the nature of the business we work in, our instructors may be out from time to time performing. All of our substitutes are capable teachers.

Camp Payment and Registration

  • Payment for camp is due when you register.
  • Camp registrations made before March 1st require payment of 50% of camp costs plus payment of registration fees, with the balance due on March 1st.
  • Camp registrations made after March 1st require full payment to guarantee your spot.
  • Payment plan and financial aid options are available; please ask about these options when you call to enroll.
  • There is an annual registration fee of $50. The registration fee is capped at $125 per year for families. It is non-refundable.

Transfers and Cancellations

  • Within 72 hours of the date camp begins camp tuition is not transferable or refundable.
  • Paid tuition may be transferred from one week to another or canceled and refunded at no additional charge if the request is received at least two weeks before the date camp begins.
  • Transfer requests from one week to another made in the two weeks before camp begins do not have a financial penalty, but transfer requests are subject to availability. If you transfer out of one camp and there are students waiting, your spot will no longer be available should you change your mind.
  • There is an annual registration fee of $50. The registration fee is capped at $125 per year for families. It is non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any experience with gymnastics or circus or anything like this. Can I sign up?
Many of our classes have no prerequisites; check the prerequisites listed in the class description.

What’s the youngest/ oldest age you can be to participate?
Our general circus classes begin at age 2 (with an adult)
Our Flying Trapeze classes begin at age 6 (minimum age for private party or Pay-Per-Flight is only 4)

I see on the schedule that the class I want happens several times during the week. Can I come any of them?
Our classes are designed to have a small student to instructor ratio for best access to equipment and instruction. If students were allowed to change sections this would cause some class ratios to be out of balance and the quality of the class would diminish. The class space that you have enrolled in is reserved for you for the 12-weeks.

I have to miss a class. Is it possible to do a make-up?
Yes, please read the make-up policies above.

My child is enrolled in a 12 week class and his/her cousin/friend will be in town next week. Can they join the class? 
Guests are not allowed in our 12-week session classes primarily because it can disrupt the student to instructor ratio and the skill progression of the entire class. We welcome students with guests to enroll in a weekend Intro to Circus class to share with a friend all the fun and challenge of circus.
Why can’t I follow my child’s class as it moves around the gym?
Students have a much more difficult time focusing on the skills and instruction in class when they are aware of a parental presence nearby and during the busiest times in the gym there simply isn’t room.
Do you have to enroll in the whole 12 weeks to take a class?  Do you have any drop-in classes?
In the gym our youth classes are offered in 12-week sessions. For adults we do have Single Serving classes (one-time classes, reservations required). Our Flying Trapeze classes are almost all open to anyone age 6 and up.
How do private lessons work?
It begins with a conversation between you and a coach. If you don’t have a current coach you can contact our office.

What’s with Coach Leslie’s picture in the office—is she really eating fire? How does she do it?
Fire is not edible but the act is often called fire eating because the flames are inserted into the performer’s mouth.

When will I/ my child advance to the next level of class? (AKA, How many times do I have to take this class?) SANCA’s classes are intended to be taken for several sessions as students gain and refine skills. Speak with a coach to understand better the skills required for the next level of the class.

When will the students (in a session class) be going to the tent to do flying trapeze?
Currently flying trapeze is not a part of the curriculum of the 12-week classes in the gym. To have a flying trapeze experience you can sign up for a Trapeze for Everyone two-hour class or come to Friday night Pay-Per-Flight.

Why can’t I come in and use the equipment when classes are not in session?
Students are not allowed on the equipment outside of class time for safety reasons. Adult students interested in private training should first speak with their coach to understand the minimum skill requirements needed and then speak with the Program Director to complete the application. Private training time may be purchased hourly or monthly and has time and calendar restrictions.

Those Amazing Circus 1-ders/ Mag 7/ Cirrus Circus kids sure are amazing. How do I sign my child up for that class?
The Youth Performance Troupes (Cirrus Circus, Magnificent 7 and Amazing Circus 1ders) are not classes that you can enroll in without being invited to join.

Where can I buy show tickets?
All of SANCA’s shows are ticketed through Brown Paper Tickets online unless they are a free with suggested donation event.

When are you getting more of this size t-shirt?
We order shirts and other merchandise when a large quantity are low in stock.

Socks or bare feet?
Either is fine

How long is a session?
Twelve weeks of classes.
Will (Insert name of a particular instructor) be coaching any of the (insert name of particular kind of class) during the next session?
You may ask the office staff; changes may occur as staff schedules are not set until the session begins.
Is it okay for me to sit on/play with the equipment before or after class?
Equipment is not for use outside of classes.

I discovered SANCA after purchasing a Flying Trapeze class through Living Social.  I was hooked after the first class and took several flying lessons.  I have since moved inside and love the trampoline and just started aerial classes.  I was getting a bit bored with my gym routine and found this to be the perfect way to have a ton of fun, get great exercise and learn a new skill.
I recently had a “grown-up” birthday party and introduced some friends to the trampoline.  They loved it!  Coach Chuck (one of the founders of the school) is incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable.
As an adult (in my 40’s) starting a new skill, I couldn’t be happier.  I encourage all adults to think about taking classes as SANCA.  There is definitely a “wow” factor among friends when you say you are taking flying trapeze and trampoline classes!
-adult student


adult acro 2

If you’re bored of the gym or your “regular” workout routine, sign up for a class at SANCA! My husband and I found out about SANCA by purchasing a flying trapeze deal on LivingSocial. We had a great time and while there I realized they have classes for adults. Channeling my inner-child I signed up for the tumbling/trampolining class and am lovnig it. It’s very active and forces your body to move in ways you don’t normally in everyday life. Even on days that I’m tired, I find it energizing. They have a ton of kids’ classes too. Their instructors are great and everyone I’ve met there is super-nice. They are also a non-profit who donate a lot of time and free classes to those in need in our community! – Stephanie T.