Adult Aerial Fundamentals

Focus on the basics while developing strength, flexibility, and body awareness

AIA standing starAdult Aerial Fundamentals is our introductory aerial arts class for students who are 16yrs+. This class will introduce students to our aerial equipment and familiarize themselves with common aerial vocabulary. Adult Aerial Fundamental students focus on the basics of body position and control on trapeze, rope, and fabric. In this class you will learn conditioning exercises and stretches as you obtain the skills and develop the strength, flexibility, and body awareness required to move into any of our Adult Aerial 1 Classes. Adult Aerial Fundamentals is offered in both 55- and 85-minute sections. Ages: 16 & up Length: 85 minutes Prerequisites: none Progression: Adult Aerial 1 Tuition: $365/12wks for 85 minutes

Other Sections Offered(4)

  • Sunday

    10.00 - 10.51

    Su 10-11:25am

  • Tuesday

    17.30 - 17.51

    Tu 5:30-6:55pm

  • Friday

    11.00 - 11.53

    F 11am-12:25pm

  • Friday

    18.00 - 18.51

    F 6-7:25pm