Adult Aerial: Lyra

Adult Lyra is one of our specialized adult aerial classes. Level 1/2 will cover the foundations of movement on hoop with a variety of different mounts and skills while building on proper form and technique. Level 2/3 will build on that foundation with higher level skills and longer, original sequences. Each class will also focus on strength and flexibility to improve our aerial form and prevent injury. Ages: 16 & up Length: 115 minutes. Prerequisite for Level 1/2: An Adult Aerial class and instructor approval. Prerequisite for Level 2: An Adult Aerial class and instructor approval. Prerequisites for Level 2/3: Instructor approval. Progression for Level 2/3: Instructor/student discretion. Progression: Instructor/student discretion. Tuition: $450/12wks for 115 min class (Summer 10-week session $375)

Fitness Hours(2)

  • Sunday

    12.00 - 12.59

    Level 2/3
    Su 12-1:55pm

  • Tuesday

    17.30 - 17.51

    Level 1/2
    Tu 5:30-6:55pm