Adult Aerial Fabric & Rope

Specialize in vertical, single-point apparatus

Adult Aerial Rope/Fabric is a special combo class. This class is for students who are currently working up through the core curriculum (Adult Aerial 1, 2 and 3) who would like to specialize in vertical, single-point apparatus earlier in their career. Curriculum emphasizing either rope or fabric will be geared towards student interest, with lots of skills and sequences that can be performed with variations on either apparatus. Students will learn climbs, wraps, drops, and dynamic combinations of those skills on the aerial rope. They will explore the special properties of rope and fabric, and be introduced to the theory and practice of what sets them apart. Skills specific to aerial rope and fabric are supplemented by a continuing focus on strength and functional mobility. Ages: 16 & up Length: 85 min Prerequisites for Level 2: One session of Adult Aerial 1 and Instructor approval. Progression for Level 2: Instructor/student discretion. Tuition: $365/12wks