Adult Aerial Static Trapeze

sscf_082214_noa_trapeze_cornicello_15Adult Aerial Trapeze is one of our specialized adult aerial classes. Students will learn skills below, on, and above the trapeze bar. Skills specific to aerial trapeze are supplemented by a continuing focus on strength and flexibility.Tuition: 85min $365/12wks. 115min $450/12wks.

Ages: 16 & up

Prerequisites for Level 1/2: An Adult Aerial Mixed Apparatus class and instructor approval.

Length: 85min

Tuition: Summer Session $305/10wks.

Prerequisites for Level 2/3: Instructor approval.

Length: 115min

Tuition: Summer Session $375/10wks.

Fitness Hours(2)

  • Tuesday

    19.00 – 20.00

    Level 2/3
    Tu 7-8:55pm

  • Friday

    19.00 – 19.53

    Level 1
    F 7-8:25pm