German Wheel

Round and round.

German Wheel 1 teaches students how to physically manipulate, move in, on, and around the wheel. Students will develop strength, body awareness, dexterity, and agility while learning the basics of individual and partner German Wheel.

In German Wheel 2 students will build on the skills learned in German wheel 1 with more advanced cartwheels, continuing to develop straight line rolling, and introducing spirals and vaulting.

The German Wheel, known also as the gymwheel, is practiced as a sport in many European countries, but is usually seen as a performance art in the United States. Clean lace up shoes (no boots) are required.

Ages: 11 & up, participants must be at least 60″ tall

Length: 85 minutes

Prerequisites Level 1: 12-week session of Circus class

Prerequisites Level 2: German Wheel 1 and Instructor approval

Tuition: $365/12wks.

Other Sections Offered(3)

  • Monday

    18.00 – 18.52

    Level 1 – FULL
    M 6-7:30pm

  • Monday

    19.30 – 19.52

    Level 2/Skills Review
    M 7:30-8:55pm

  • Thursday

    19.30 – 19.52

    Level 1/2 – FULL
    Th 7:30-8:55pm