Itty Bitty Circus Mini Session

Want to take a Tot Circus class but feel that 12 weeks is too long of a commitment?  Check out this fun circus class for our smallest circus students.  Itty Bitty Circus has sessions of only 4 weeks and still does tumbling, trampoline, juggling, tightwire, aerial, and more: all the things our full session classes do.

This class is appropriate for new students ages 3 and 4 as well as students from an already existing Tot Circus 1 or Tot Circus 2 class.  Space is limited so remember to sign up for your 4 weeks with the office to save your spot.

Ages: 3-4 years

Length: 55 minutes

Prerequisites: none

Progression: Full session of Tot Circus 1 or Tot Circus 2

Tuition: $115/4wks Sessions:
July 2nd-29th
July 30th-August 26th

Other Sections Offered(2)

  • Monday

    09.30 - 09.31

    M 9:30-10:25am

  • Thursday

    09.30 - 09.31

    Th 9:30-10:25am