Wire Walking 1

C3A_051212_student_tightwire_BensonSquire_07_smIn this introductory class students will learn the basics of body position and form for balancing and walking. We will explore turning as well as sitting. Shoes are not required, but strongly recommended for students wishing to take their tightwire skills to the next level.

Ages: 11 & up
Length: 55 minutes
Prerequisites: none
Progression: Wire Walking 2
Tuition: $250/12wks.

Looking for a complementary class? Coach Jasmine recommends Strength & Flexibility to aid with core stability and leg movement. Looking for shoes? Below are links to pre-made shoes, however with the right tools, you can fashion your own in a few hours.
A word from the coach, “I get my leather from the scrap bins at MacPherson’s and leather-upper soft ballet slippers at Discount Dance. I use a leather needle, upholstery thread, and Elmer’s glue to hold everything together. Canvas slippers are an acceptable, easy, and cheap way to get started.”


Other Sections Offered(2)

  • Monday

    18.00 – 18.50

    M 6-6:55pm

  • Tuesday

    17.00 – 17.50

    Tu 5-5:55pm