Wire Walking 2

  • wire-walking2Students will expand on basic tightwire skills with an emphasis on turns, awareness, and faster movement. The list of skills we work on is a bit long to post here!

Looking for a complementary class? Coach Jasmine recommends Strength & Flexibility to aid with core stability and leg movement.

Looking for shoes? Below are links to pre-made shoes, however with the right tools, you can fashion your own in a few hours. A word from the coach, "I get my leather from the scrap bins at MacPherson's and leather-upper soft ballet slippers at Discount Dance. I use a leather needle, upholstery thread, and Elmer's glue to hold everything together. Canvas slippers are an acceptable, easy, and cheap way to get started."

http://www.isabellamars.com/?page_id=221 http://macphersonleather.com/ http://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_S1C.html?pid=62&Shop=Brand&SID=644634845

Prerequisites: Must be able to walk comfortably or Instructor approval. Shoes are highly recommended for this class. Ages: 11 and up Length: 55 minutes Tuition: $250/12wks.