Stratus Circus

Tiny Superstars

Stratus Circus, formerly named The Amazing Circus 1-ders, a troupe of 5-8 year-old boys and girls, was formed in March of 2008.  All of the performers are students at SANCA and have been chosen for the troupe based on their natural talent, focus, tenacity, and precociousness. Stratus Circus train for many hours each week to hone their skills and learn how to be young performers.

They perform in all circus disciplines, including tumbling, acrobatics, and rolling globe, as well as in the aerial arts such as trapeze, vertical rope and fabric. Stratus Circus perform in all SANCA school-wide shows, including SANCA’s Annual Spring Showcase, SANCAthon, and “Up, With A Twist!”. You may have also seen them perform elsewhere in the greater Seattle area at events like Georgetown Carnival, Seattle’s Moisture Festival, the Magnolia SeaFair Parade, and Sammamish Days.

Future goals for Stratus Circus include booking more gigs, learning new feats of daring that make their parents nervous, and figuring how to make business cards out of glitter.