Carmen Schultz

Acrobatic Dept. Mgr. & Adult Specialty Dept Mgr. & Coach

Acrobatic Department Manager

Adult Specialty Department Manager

Carmen Schultz began her acrobatic training as a competitive gymnast in Boulder CO. With 13 years’ experience competing and coaching in gymnastics, she grew to specialize in the fundamentals of acrobatic training.  She has taught the strength, technique, flexibility, and balance skills necessary for advanced acrobatics to students of all ages and skill levels at various locations across Colorado.  In 2011, she became a founding partner of the Academy of Circus Elements, a company that brought circus skills and performance opportunities to students of all ages and abilities in Denver.

Carmen began performing in the circus arts in 2004 with Fractal Tribe, as a part of a full theatrical circus production.  Since then, she has worked as an independent circus performer for Entertainment companies, Dance productions and Circus troupes at corporate events, festivals, city celebrations, private parties, and theatrical productions across Colorado and nationally.  A certified massage therapist, Carmen has a strong basis for understanding the realities of physical training, stress, and body dynamics, as well as a practical knowledge of human anatomy in motion.