Nathan Drackett

Nathan Drackett stumbled upon the circus arts a bit later than most. At 21 years old, a stage actor for most of his life, he was always most excited by productions that included bodies in movement in physical and emotional risk. No wonder he ended up teaching and training circus at The Actors Gymnasium in Chicago for 11 years. Though he’s found himself incapable of choosing any one discipline to focus on, he’s become most proficient in juggling, fabrics, partner acrobatics, parkour, clowning, stilts and unicycle. He’s juggled many roles administratively during his time in Chicago as well, serving as Associate Camp Director, Interim General Manager, and Professional Program Manager at The Actors Gymnasium. He’s also trained and coached for other schools in Chicago, including Aerial Dance Chicago, Meirmanov Sports Acrobatics and Circus Arts, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago.
Though Nathan loves performing his circus skills at private parties and special events, nothing beats using circus to tell a story. In addition to serving as circus captain, pushing and catching teeterboard in Mercury Theatre’s “Barnum,” holding a handstand in Redmoon Theatre’s “Last of My Species” on a retractable fireman’s ladder 30 feet in the air, Nathan has written, directed and acted in numerous circus-theatre productions. His favorite was writing and directing a circus adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” for the stage. He also helped build Filament Theatre, whose mission it is to “create immersive and site-specific performances for young and family audiences.” He played many roles for them, including the Centipede perched upon a stem and juggling boots in “James and the Giant Peach”, as well as Watson in a Sherlock Holmes show where the audience solves the mystery on bikes. His theatrical credits also include Signal Theatre, 500 Clown, Piven Theatre, and the Lyrics Opera of Chicago.
In 2016 Nathan moved to Seattle with his wife Lauran and joined the SANCA team, where he teaches brave people to do dangerous things in a safe way. A mischievous spirit who loves to follow the rules, Nathan hopes to push the boundaries of what we think circus, theatre, and telling a story can be.