Ursula Collins-Laine

Camp Coach

Ursula fell in love with circus in third grade after attending a week-long summer camp at her
grandmother’s in Wisconsin. Since then she has not had a summer without circus. In 2012, she
moved from New Hampshire to Seattle and was fortunate to begin working on circus skills
throughout the year at SANCA. She has attended the Van Lodostov Family Circus Camp in
Vermont and the Circus Smirkus camp Road Show, which performs at daycare centers and
nursing homes. In 2016, she traveled to Lusaka, Zambia, as part of a US exchange to perform
with Circus Zambia (including a performance for the US Ambassador to Zambia). Ursula’s
primary interests in circus are juggling, unicycling, and clowning. In addition to circus, Ursula
has enjoyed learning dance, improv theater, and mime. She studies film and East Asia as a
sophomore the University of Southern California. She is excited to coach summer camps at
SANCA for the second year in a row.