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SANCA is hiring a Head Coach!

As SANCA’s Head Coach, you are a dedicated, committed circus educator, who embodies SANCA’s mission and values. Being part of team gets you fired up! You find joy in coaching coaches to be their best selves, and your ability to inspire aspiring circus artists is unparalleled! You are seen as a leader in circus arts, safety and rigging standards, and you love passing on that knowledge. Plus, you don’t take yourself too seriously … it is the circus, after all!

Full description here: SANCA is hiring- head coach

SANCA is hiring an Every Body's Circus Manager

The Every Body’s Circus Manager is responsible for the day to day operations and the annual success of the program as well as providing individual and group lessons for up to 20 clients, primarily school-age children with diagnoses such as Autism, PTSD, mood disorders and some physical disabilities. The EBC manager is also responsible for managing EBC staff and acting as a resource for parents and other coaches in the school.

Full description here: Every Body’s Circus Manager Job Description

SANCA is hiring an Administrative Assistant

SANCA’s Administrative Assistants are the point of contact for nearly all of its customer base. Administrative Assistants provide support to all programs and assist in the constant happenings of SANCA. As part of the front office team, an Administrative Assistant is knowledgeable about SANCA’s systems, procedures, and events. Their knowledge, paired with the ability to communicate, is vital to the organization and the community it serves daily.

Full description here: Administrative Assistant Hiring Call

SANCA is hiring a Social Circus Coach

While circus is the medium, socio-emotional learning, inclusion, and community-building are the true heart of this work.

Full description here: SANCA is hiring a Social Circus coach

SANCA is hiring a flying trapeze coach

A flying trapeze coach is responsible for teaching recreational flying trapeze as part of a three coach team to students age 4 and up. Many of these classes will be single serving (not multiple week session) classes. As such, coaches must be able to quickly engage with each student, evaluate his or her individual level, and set out a personalized plan to help progress toward his or her goals. Your job is to create a fun and friendly environment that fosters a feeling of success and safety in the face of physical and psychological challenges.

Full description here: SANCA is hiring a flying trapeze coach


Give the fantastic gift of your time and talent to help SANCA continue to serve our community! We’re looking for great people like you.

We continuously need:

  • ongoing volunteers
  • special project volunteers
  • event volunteers & more!Learn more here

Perhaps you have a special technical expertise that you want to share with us?

Contribute your skills in:

  • video editing
  • photo organization
  • Filemaker Pro knowledge
  • action photography
  • mural painting
  • precision cutting & folding