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A Message from the Board President

SANCA’s mission is to improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities by engaging them in the joyous creativity of acrobatics and circus arts. For 15 years SANCA grew steadily, then retrenched in 2019, and had big plans for 2020 to flourish again, under the leadership of our new Executive Director, John Tannous. Facilities improvements, improved programs, and more were developing.


COVID-19 came and changed everything.

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Many people love SANCA and worried that it would not survive the mandated closures, and the drop in revenue. We informed the community about changes in our operations through a weekly newsletter and provided an online June circus show, the Quarantine Cabaret, to remind everyone about the charm of circus. We cut expenses as much as possible, while still allowing for a reasonably speedy restart. Many staff went on unemployment and many others were furloughed. SANCA received a forgivable PPP loan.

Our loyal and faithful SANCA community stepped up their support to an astonishing degree.

Our landlords forgave two months of our rent. Individual donors heard the call and graced us with gifts to a level far beyond anything we had seen before. Our development team obtained many grants. We reduced our building footprint by closing the North Annex and we negotiated a more affordable lease. SANCA ended the year with a bigger surplus than any year before.

From the beginning, SANCA has aimed to be safe, supportive and welcoming for all. Not all of our Seattle community has come to SANCA to the same degree, so we have begun to take steps to remove the appearance of any limit to who is welcome to have fun with circus. The Board of Directors is committed to recruiting BIPOC Board members who are passionate about SANCA’s mission. When we reopen, we will try to recruit more broadly from the community to replenish our staff. The recently-formed IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Antiracism) Committee is providing constructive ideas for changes that SANCA can make to let the world know that circus is for everyone.

With gratitude and hope for 2021,

Kevin Ruddell
President, Board of Directors


Executive Director's Report

An annual report is typically filled with answers to the question: What did we achieve? For 2020, I think the better question we should ask ourselves is: What did we learn?

This year, we learned that doing circus in a pandemic is highly challenging. Developing safety protocols to limit the spread of an unseen menace has never been our area of expertise.

We learned that our work is precious and necessary.

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While the pandemic rages on, mental health issues have risen for people everywhere. It turns out, people need not just physical activity and exercise, but friends, fun, and silliness. Without circus, many in our community struggled.

We learned that we could follow brand new safety protocols and public health standards at a high level. SANCA staff members are not health experts, so we focused on abiding by the guidelines published by the State of Washington and King County. We followed them so carefully that many in our community found SANCA to be safer to visit than essential businesses such as grocery stores.

The pandemic should have crushed SANCA.

The organization had already faced a couple of years of declining revenues, extraordinary challenges, sweeping staff cutbacks, and a team exhausted from it all. COVID should have been the worldwide disaster that SANCA just couldn’t outlast. Yet, I’m writing this in January 2021, and SANCA is in a stronger financial position than it has been in many years. How is that possible? What did we learn?

We learned that in times of crisis, our community will step up to fill the gap when government support was inadequate to save SANCA. For me personally, being new to SANCA and Seattle as of January 2020, I learned that this community loves SANCA dearly. How else can I explain that we ended 2020 with a larger surplus than at the end of 2019?

I learned that SANCA is in the business of saving and changing lives.

That is no hyperbole. I heard from so many of you, our students and supporters, this past year. You told me that SANCA has impacted your lives so significantly that you were compelled to act strongly to make sure we kept our doors open. And you did just that.

Finally, I learned that SANCA is about people. The impact SANCA has on people’s lives is possible because of all the people who have made our little circus a special experience over the years. And make no mistake, SANCA isn’t a “place”; it’s an experience. SANCA is about the people: the connection between coach and student, the encouragement of our peers, and the welcoming quality each person brings to our core focus: Circus is for Every Body.

by John Tannous, Executive Director


by Tom Hanna, Program Director

Programming Report

2020 was an amazingly bizarre year full of unique challenges. Through it all, SANCA was able to continue offering circus programming to our community both in person and online.

Winter 2020 was the last session before the first lockdown. Running from January 2020 into the second week of March, SANCA’s Winter 2020 session featured 94 unique classes with over 1,000 student-enrollments. We also featured a number of exciting workshops that were offered by circus educators and artists from around the world, including a variety of aerial and movement offerings from former SANCA coach Sage Bachtler Cushman, an internationally renowned circus artist and educator who is currently based in Portugal.

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Online Classes

When the Stay at Home order was announced in March, SANCA responded by cancelling the last two weeks of the Winter 2020 session and working remotely on plans for the future of our classes and programs. Even before the SANCA gym closed in response to the Stay at Home order, SANCA’s team of directors had already started planning how to bring circus classes to an online platform. Coaches were asked to think of class offerings that could be transformed into online classes to keep our community active during the closures. SANCA’s online classes began on March 24th and continued running strong throughout all of 2020, offering conditioning, flexibility, juggling, handbalancing, and at-home partner acrobatics classes over Zoom.

Summer Camps and Limited In-Person Classes

On June 9th, SANCA reopened the doors to a small number of very excited Summer campers. Groups were kept small, with outdoor activities and COVID safety practices that allowed these kids to have such a great time! SANCA was able to host ten out of its eleven originally planned summer camps. As Summer continued, SANCA also opened a limited number of evening and weekend classes for students that were unable to attend camps.

SANCA produced our Fall 2020 session starting on September 20th, continuing to give students a chance to get out of the house, stay active, and keep their circus skills active. During the Fall session, students appreciated being able to sign up for classes one week at a time instead of any multi-week commitment. The Fall 2020 session was cut a few weeks short when Governor Jay Inslee a second closure in mid-November.

In the Flying Trapeze Tent 

During 2020, SANCA offered flying trapeze classes concurrent with other in-person circus classes. Because of the very close nature of the activity, the flying trapeze program discontinued all catching, but was still able to offer students the opportunity to work on their flying skills. This was also the first year that the fly program was able to offer private lessons in the flying trapeze tent.

Following the same safety protocols as the other classes, in addition to a few unique considerations, SANCA spent much of 2020 sharing the joy of flying trapeze with our students.

Looking ahead to 2021

Looking ahead into 2021, there is much to be excited and optimistic about at SANCA! Online classes have become such an exciting and important part of our programming. We plan to continue popular online classes for the foreseeable future.

With the latest phased-reopen plan, SANCA is ready to open the Winter 2021 class session in person following the safety protocols that our staff got lots of practice in during 2020. The Winter 2021 class schedule will be offered in four-week sections in order to keep groups stable and still give students the freedom from long-term commitment during the current pandemic situation.

Since we opened enrollment for the Winter session, SANCA has seen an amazing amount of enthusiasm for our class offerings and we are so excited to welcome our students back to safely sharing the joy of the circus arts!


by Tania Nambo-Escobar and Manjit Golden, Co-Chairs


In April 2020, SANCA formally created the IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Antiracism) Committee to establish and implement strategies to ensure that SANCA reflects its community and serves all people regardless of background, identity, and socioeconomic status. Originally funded by a PPP loan, this committee allows SANCA to unseat policies, practices, and systems within its organization that uphold white supremacy.

This committee analyzes the organization’s current structure through various racial and equity lenses to scrutinize and hold accountable its policies, ensure the integrity of future policies, and improve the overall culture of SANCA.

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The committee’s early efforts include establishing regular committee meetings in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, devising a public strategic plan, and utilizing social media to spotlight Black artists and educate the SANCA community about topics of antiracism, diversity, representation, and history. The members of the IDEA Committee are:

Chair: Tania Nambo-Escobar
Executive Director: John Tannous
Directors: Octavia Graham and Max Clabaut
Board member: Tara Adams
Staff members: Lily Baumgart, Emma Cady, Sam Vasquez, Trevor Asbury, Jasmine Manuel, Alyssa Hellrung, Megan Strawn, Manjit Golden
Community members: John Doty and Nekole Shapiro

When the committee was first formed, it was named the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Committee. We felt collectively that DEI teams historically and in other institutions are often understaffed, underpaid, and reactionary. We rebranded ourselves as the Antiracism Committee to center the team’s framework from that lense and because we were inspired by Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be An Antiracist. However, being solely the Antiracism Committee was not fully inclusive to what we sought to accomplish. We finally set on the IDEA Committee since it encompasses all the terms that were important in our frames of analysis and is reminiscent of the DEI initialism familiar to the general public.

The name is a step toward SANCA approaching this work holistically.

The IDEA Committee’s plan to unseat and relinquish white supremacy at SANCA is on SANCA’s website. It is subject to change and will be updated accordingly as time passes and feedback is gathered. It consists of four long-term goals:

  1. Transform SANCA’s leadership to increase BIPOC representation and decentralize whiteness.
  2. Provide educational opportunities on antiracism to SANCA staff and community.
  3. Be accountable and transparent in antiracist efforts to SANCA’s community.
  4. Allocate organization resources for IDEA Committee’s work.

As of January 2021, we have accomplished some short-term goals. The Board passed a resolution that the next two Board members added would be BIPOC. The IDEA Committee was created and is led by a BIPOC staff member. Manjit Golden served as co-chair from the start of the IDEA Committee through January 2021. We thank her for her commitment to antiracist work. We have added one BIPOC member to the Staff Leadership team.

We have installed a Land Acknowledgement that states SANCA operates on land that was originally occupied by the Coast Salish people, specifically the Dxwdəwʔabš (Duwamish Tribe).

We have provided and hosted multiple education opportunities for staff and the SANCA community by creating an Antiracist Book Club and the Power of Three social media posts which feature three mixed media resources to help the SANCA community learn how to be better allies to marginalized communities. We have created a webpage on the SANCA website that features this plan with progress updates and other information on IDEA projects.

We have many goals to accomplish in 2021.

We will contact additional potential BIPOC board candidates and help expand board leadership. We will create a spotlight on the Coach Wall in the front office to showcase BIPOC circus artists. We are planning to host forums and community conversations to further the dialogue on SANCA’s antiracist efforts. We are allocating funds in the annual budget for the IDEA Committee, programming for marginalized community members, and staff training on antiracism and other related topics. In December, our community donated to fund the BIPOC Youth Scholarship Fund, and we intend to provide those scholarships in 2021.


by Sara Haverkamp, Student Services Director

Student Services Report

COVID really challenged our ability to provide programs for our students this year, but we’ve expanded our offerings, changed our practices, and managed to offer classes for most of 2020 in spite of everything the pandemic threw at us.

Before SANCA had to close, we almost finished our winter 2020 session.We had over 180 regular weekly classes and, including private lessons and single serving classes, served over 850 students between January 1 and March 17. When the first stay at home order went into effect, we were forced to cancel the last few weeks of our winter session and all of our spring session classes.

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Fortunately, we were able to start offering online classes quickly, serving over 450 students even during the shutdown.

In the summer months, we ran a limited number of classes and camps, bringing much-needed activity to our community and allowing people to get out and move again after being stuck inside all spring. We had 25 weekly classes, serving over 200 students throughout the 10 weeks we were open for our summer session. We also offered camps every week from June 29th to September 4th. Our camps averaged 14 students per week, with many students attending multiple weeks. By the end of the summer, we had welcomed 130 individual students through our camps, all COVID-safe and full of circus joy.

By the time fall came around, we were able to launch an all-new online enrollment system for all of our classes, making our programming easily accessible from anywhere.

We had to change systems when the payment processor for our existing software denied us due to COVID concerns, which slowed the roll out of our online enrollment. Fortunately, the new enrollment software has made it possible for all of our classes to exist in a single system as well as providing a place for our coaches to book private lessons that can charge directly to their students’ accounts. We haven’t yet perfected our use of the new software, but our staff worked hard to learn the ins and outs of the system quickly and efficiently.

The new enrollment software has also given us the ability to offer specialized discounts and incentives to our students that were not possible previously. We were able to give students enrolling early an early bird discount as well as offering discounts for enrolling in a large number of classes in our fall session.

This year we were also able to redesign our scholarship program. A staff and board committee met to create a new application and award process with a sliding scale for our award recipients. SANCA’s scholarship program has always been an essential part of serving our community, and we are excited to modernize it and take it to the next level.

In 2021, as we work our way through what we hope will be the end of the pandemic, we look forward to welcoming large numbers of students through our doors again. We have learned how to maximize our use of our registration software and are ready to implement everything we have learned. We are also excited to increase our scholarship awards as SANCA recovers from the closures and to incorporate a new BIPOC scholarship in the coming year.


by Octavia Graham, Staff Success Director

Human Resources Report

SANCA experienced some unique human resources challenges and dynamic changes during 2020. SANCA’s leadership consists of a Board of Directors, tasked with steering the organization toward a sustainable future; an Executive Director, responsible for the daily operation of the organization; and a team of Directors, who report directly to the Executive Director and manage SANCA’s programs, facilities, development, and administration.

In an average year, SANCA employs approximately 65 full- and part-time employees including the leadership staff. This year, in January, we welcomed John Tannous as our new Executive Director.

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Upon taking the helm, Mr. Tannous expressed a desire to diversify the upper levels of management and ensure transparency in SANCA’s internal and external processes.

He has overseen the reorganization of our management structure to begin introducing more BIPOC representation and allow for optimal operation during the COVID pandemic.

A new Director position was introduced in June by transitioning the Administrative Director position into two separate positions – the Director of Student Services and the Director of Staff Success. This transition allowed the acting Administrative Director, Sara Haverkamp, to move into the Director of Student Services position and focus her efforts on customer service and front office operations. Meanwhile I, an administrative assistant in the front office, took on the mantle of Director of Staff Success and acquired control of Human Resources, staff training, and business insurance.

As a queer woman of color, my as the Director of Staff Success provided a small step toward SANCA’s commitment to increased diversity in its management and staffing.

Unfortunately, SANCA also experienced some staff departures. We started the year with 59 employees and 5 volunteer coaches. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic closures required SANCA to dramatically streamline operations and furlough 27 employees. SANCA continued to function throughout the majority of the year with 31 active employees (53% of our staff). During the course of the year, 6 employees including our Director of Circus Arts Integration opted to terminate their employment with SANCA to pursue other opportunities. These positions will remain open until further notice.

The unprecedented nature of 2020 allowed SANCA to review its policies and processes with fresh eyes and prompted us to undertake updating our employee policies. Our new Director of Staff Success, along with a small group of staff and community members, is currently working to update and clarify our Employee Manual to strengthen our anti-discrimination and harassment policies, provide more information on personal leave and vacation protocols, and assure all employees are familiar with SANCA’s safety and emergency policies.

In 2021, SANCA will continue to seek ways to improve the quality of employment with our organization including increasing and retaining diversity among its management and employees, providing quality staff training, and ensuring transparency about all policy changes and updates. Our Director of Staff Success will be reviewing our recruitment and hiring practices, with the assistance of SANCA’s IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Antiracism) Committee, to determine what changes can be made to help us reach our goals.


by Max Clabaut Artistic Director

YCo Report

SANCA’s Youth Companies (YCo) are composed of four groups: Stratus Circus, Nimbus Circus, Cirrus Circus, and Celestial Circus. The Youth Companies serve a wide range of students aged 5-18, with up to 7 hours per week of circus activities. Approximately 31 students were enrolled in the program in 2020 with 12 coaches leading classes, act creation, and show rehearsals. When previous YCo Director Milla Marshall stepped down in 2020, I stepped into her role as head of YCo in addition to my duties as Artistic and Marketing Director.

In February 2020, YCo produced performances for Up with a Twist, SANCA’s annual gala. This year’s show was titled Changing Memories. Performed at Teatro ZinZanni in Woodinville, the event raised over $100K.

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Changing Memories was recorded during the February live performance and a virtual event/ viewing party was organized for SANCA’s GiveBIG event in May. The online event raised double the amount raised for GiveBIG in 2019 and offered the opportunity to broaden SANCA’s audience by making what used to be a one-night-only live performance a virtual viewing experience.

During the 2020 closures YCo students continued all their classes without interruptions, via ZOOM. They kept creating more circus acts that were videotaped and showcased at SANCA’s Quarantine Cabaret event. With over 590 views on YouTube the show was not only a magical night of entertainment but also a beautiful reminder that circus can exist in all its forms. Being apart cannot take the circus out of us.

Hybrid classes were developed for Fall, giving the opportunity for YCo students to choose between in-person and virtual classes depending on their level of comfort. More creations and acts were in the works throughout the session. Be sure to check out Cirrus Circus’ New Year’s Eve video on YouTube.

The Youth Company is looking forward to more shows, virtual and in-person if possible, in 2021.


by Amanda Zwar, Facilities Director

Facilities Report

SANCA experienced some pretty awesome facility changes this year despite the closures. We moved all of our lead staff’s offices to what used to be the observation room. It has worked really well. Directors are now able to communicate with each other more efficiently. These changes began right around the same time as the COVID-19 became prevalent and closures/restrictions started.

Through the stay at home order, we were able to research and order cleaning supplies for SANCA facilities. We were lucky enough to have our digital thermometers donated to us, but of course paper products and cleaning alcohol became increasingly difficult to acquire.

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Before we reopened, we were able to clean every surface and clean all the fabrics and aerial equipment. We then made cleaning stations available for staff and students to help clean areas. With cleaning plans in place, we started planning for how camps would work. We set up tents in our parking lot so that students could have mask breaks outdoors. We created a two-hour window between the end of camp and start of classes each day to do a floor sanitization. We got an amazing EMist® Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer donated to us to help with our sanitation efforts. This made it possible to sanitize all carpeted areas in a fraction of the time.

In October, SANCA had to make the really hard decision to downsize the facility in wake of the COVID-19. We moved all equipment from the North annex to the rest of the facility. Planning the move involved communication among several departments to ensure that classes could continue during the move, and that SANCA didn’t lose any circus disciplines. With that plan in place we taped floors and began our 5 week shuffle. With the help of many staff members and amazing volunteers we finished four days earlier than expected. We even had one day that our new neighbors came by and brought some lovely snacks for our volunteers.

The new layout for our smaller space did not come easy. We went through many drafts and Tetris-like meetings, moving equipment around on paper to find the right layout, in addition to keeping pathways clear. It was also essential that we have multi-purpose spaces to hold a variety of different classes.

In the flying trapeze tent, we added a working general circus space in addition to the fly rig. The layout for the general circus and fly rig were kept separated to allow two classes to happen at the same time with little interruption and minimal shared pathways. The entrance has also moved to the west end of the tent with a shiny new gate.

Looking forward to 2021, we have plans to reduce our carbon footprint by replacing more fluorescent light tubes to energy efficient LED lamps.

SANCA staff member and circus artist Leila Smith created the colorful mural, The Sky is the Limit (Gravity is Optional). She also painted a second mural in the fall, next to the black bed trampoline.

A new custodial cart made it easier and more efficient for staff to keep SANCA sanitized to reduce the spread of COVID.


by Max Clabaut, Marketing Director

Marketing Report

The marketing 2020 plan and the marketing 2020 reality ended up very different but we were still able to learn and achieve many things this year.

Very quickly at the beginning of the pandemic, we shifted our focus from class advertisement and branding to transparent communication and increasing our overall style and frequency. We identified early in the crisis that staying in touch with our community was the right thing to do and would be key to our return to “normal”. We implemented a weekly newsletter and considerably increased our presence on social media.

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One of the challenges with COVID was how rapidly the situation changed week-to-week. SANCA had to adjust its communications to match the reality of the pandemic. This required more consistent communication and transparency about how we would handle COVID reopening guidelines and safety measures. Many in our community praised our approach.

SANCA was able to remain relevant in people’s minds during the closures by refocusing previously purchased advertising with partners such as ParentMap, Seattle’s Child, and others for our virtual offerings and SANCA’s overall branding. The strong relationship between those partners and SANCA gave us the opportunity to negotiate refocusing our message to the targeted audiences and once again grow our reach to new families and potential customers.

A lot of work was also put into SANCA’s website. We simplified access to important information and updates. We made people’s journey through our website more intuitive and clear. Easy access to our new procedures, latest reports, and health & safety policies was our priority with these changes. We knew it would be an important way to keep and honor the trust our community put in us.

This overall approach with communication is not going to stop or decrease. We understand the expectation of this new normal and SANCA wants to be there for every community member.


by Jeff Deveaux, Development Director

Development Report

On my desk is a plaque given to me years ago by Terri Sullivan, SANCA’s first paid coach and the founder of The Amazing Circus 1-ders (now Stratus Circus). That plaque reads:

When you work for the circus, nothing is impossible!

When I look at that plaque now, I’m filled with wonder and gratitude — wonder for the ways we kept circus alive in 2020, and gratitude to you: our students, families, and supporters.

We started 2020 by welcoming a new Up, with a Twist! gala show director, Maxime “Max” Clabaut, who took us on a delightful trip down memory lane with “Changing Memories.”

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Then the pandemic struck. SANCA closed for four months. It became clear that we would not survive without additional support, and your response to our need was overwhelming!

It could have been a ruinous year for SANCA. Instead, it became a record-breaking year of giving. Although SANCA lost $891,308 in tuition and earned income due to the pandemic, your gifts and other relief grants covered 72% of that loss, staving off the worst effects of staff and facility reductions.

Your support enabled SANCA to offer online circus classes, implement COVID safety renovations, and mitigate many challenges as we down-sized the gym to a sustainable footprint that would enable SANCA to survive several more pandemic months.

You joined us online for classes, for an online showing of Twist footage at GiveBIG, for an early summer “Quarantine Cabaret” show, and for SANCA’s first virtual Town Hall community forum. Thank you for your support, feedback, and genuine care for SANCA’s survival.

You came to SANCA’s aid again for our Fall Appeal when the second COVID closure struck and we lost two more months of classes in the gym. Your year-end gifts made it possible for SANCA to survive 2020 and continue the slow process of re-opening in mid-January.

SANCA’s amazing landlords at Orcas Business Park offered rent forgiveness and aid throughout. Local arts agencies and foundations also helped with relief grants from Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture; 4Culture; King County; ArtsWA—the Washington State Arts Commission; Working Washington (WA Dept. of Commerce); The Morgan Fund at Seattle Foundation; and the Amazon in the Community Fund.

I’m optimistic for the days ahead. It will be many more months before SANCA can resume full, “normal” operations, and we will continue to need your support, but SANCA will make it through the coming lean months until the vaccine is fully distributed. We’ve postponed our beloved Twist gala (TBD fall 2021 or spring 2022) in the hope that our next live gathering will be a celebration of YOU — all of you who made it possible for SANCA to survive. Thank you!


by John Tannous, Executive Director

Social Circus Report

Change was the theme of the year for social circus at SANCA. After a strong start to the year with regular programming in outreach, Every Body’s Circus, the Transformational Women’s Circus, and more, the shutdown brought everything to a screeching halt.

When SANCA reopened in the summer, social circus could not return for the most part. Many students and coaches within the social circus program were either at high risk or living with family members who are high risk. Amber Parker, then Social Circus Director, began to develop plans for SANCA to better integrate Social Circus into its entire operation. Her position title was changed to Director of Circus Arts Integration to better reflect the long term goal of this work.


One program continued in the summer and fall: the Transformational Women’s Circus. After a long year of in-depth exploration, the students in the program were finally able to present individual performances during a special livestream event.

In the fall, Amber resigned from SANCA to pursue her career in mental health. She will be missed! To date, her position has not been filled. When the pandemic allows SANCA to better serve the students in our Social Circus programs, we look forward to recruiting a phenomenal leader to help us bring this important work back to fruition.

by John Tannous, Executive Director

Financial Report

SANCA spent most of 2020 on the edge of a knife. Without the ability to use its large facility for full classes, earned revenue dropped by almost $900,000 from 2019. In November, Governor Jay Inslee ordered SANCA to close again. At that point, SANCA leadership began to look at more drastic reductions to ensure the organization could survive 2021. The outlook was bleak.

However, our community stepped up in a big way. Donors responded to SANCA’s year-end Fall Appeal with small and large donations at a record-breaking pace.

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SANCA finished 2020 with the largest operating reserve fund in its history. That fund, which is reflected in the Net Income line below, will ensure that SANCA can survive the remainder of 2021 even if restrictions continue for most of the year.

SANCA leadership will handle that operating reserve conservatively. It’s important for the organization to maintain an operating reserve even beyond the pandemic so SANCA is ready for whatever challenges the future brings.


Donor List

$10,000 and Higher
Libby Cunningham & Mike O’Leary
The Carla Y. DeVrieze Memorial Fund
Dylan Forbes
Doug Forbes
David Greenspoon
Jon & Melissa McClintock
The Randles Family
Kevin Ruddell & Heather Kroll
David & Dana Taft
$5,000 to $9,999
Kristine Forbes
Beth Heritage & Andrew Hartstone
Heather Leach & Mark Hofer
Adam Noble & Ammi Spencer
Ellen & Walter Santarelli
The Shapiro Family
Neal Stephenson & Ellen Lackermann

$1,000 to $4,999
Tara Adams & Gerald Eller
Karen Balek
Robin Belz
Lisa & Dave Bockelie
Amie Broadsword & Owen Kehoe
Monique Burton
Gill Chang & Spencer Riddering
The Clarke Family
Ruth Conn & Dawn Stremel
Brian Crawford & Gwen Gutow
Annie & David Drummond
Ginger Edwards & Bob Meehan
Andi Fein & Tim Sullivan
Jonathan & Cristol Fleming
Suzanne Garland
Michael Garvais
Walter Harley
Clarissa & Lenny Helton
Sarah Hess
Jimenez Family Fund
Ellen Keen
Amy & Jonathan Keljo
Kay Kessel-Hanna & Jerry Hanna
Kate Kirby
Geoffrey Lawler
Tim & Emily Lloyd
Betinna & Paul Maher
Dylan Mayo
Gaye McNutt & Ben Smith
Fraser Mendel & Meitsu Chuang-Mendel
Jo Montgomery
Irene & Sterling Nelson
Daniel Nidzgorski & Casey Peel
Jason Page
Christine Page & Jennifer Mayer
Matthew Peterson
Audrey Querns & Mark Lovre
Jody Rauch
Brianne Riley & Chase Waldrup
Bruce A. Ritzen
Alexandra & Jim Rosenblum
The Ryan Family Fund
Laura Sargent & Jim Marlow & Vivi Marlow
Emily Scherb
Greta Summers & Victoria Schilling
Carissa Thornock & Travis Boyle
Trooskin-Zoller Family
Laura Wasielewski
Dorothy Wigglebottom
Amy Willis & Scott Henderson
Peter & Gloria Zorbist

$500 to $999
Tamar & Luke Alford
Beth & Joshua Baker
Nathan Barnett & Cindy Madsen
Bennett Battaile & Meenakshi Rao
Julia & Michael Becke
Jo Berg & Ian Pocock
Wendy Besse
The Boling Family
Sally Boyer & Michael Udell
Lucrezia Colonna & Jalal Andre
Frannie & Matthew Crook
Rebecca Dale & Hanns-Peter Nagel
Kelly & Drew DeBruyne
Jemila Dwyer & Todd Hargrove
Lisa Edwards & Guy Granger
Charles Fitzgerald Family fund
Shelley Fredericksen & Adam Slivers
Jessa Gardner
Mark Glazebrook & Rebecca Berg
Heather & Mateo Griffin
Meg Gruberman
Janelle & John Hall
Heather Hart & Chris Baird
Tyler Holmes
Laura Ishak & Philip Vedovatti
Tara Jensen
Ka/Leung Family Fund
Tim Kruyer
Angela Lean
Rose Levit
Lenna Liu
Brian Lonergan
Betsy Lyons & Scott Majcher
Janet McAlpin & David Godsey
McVeety & Goldwarg Fund
Jamie Merriman Cohen
Michelle & Keith Mickle
Randi & Boyd Morrison
Greg Nelson & Janice Micheletti
Alexis Olsho
Justin Panian
Nicole & Karl Pauls
Laura Prevo
John & Barbara Prochnau
Cabeiri Robinson & Paul Hammann
Vanessa Rodrigues & Sanjay Balakrishnan
Aaron & Allegra Rosler
Benjamin Scheyer & Whitney-Rose Levis
Stephanie Shenk & Noah Tippett
Max Sizemore & Teresita Bazan
Brian & Laura Soriano
Matthew & Teresa Sorlie
Tiffany Sparks-Keeney
Raymond Stricklin
John Tannous
Sarah Taubman
Jeff Tretheway
Sarah Tuttle & Mark Collins
Bruce & Leslie Weertman
Ariel Zaslav & David Basior

Up to $499
Cynthia Abbott
Ryan Marie Aiken
Smaranda Albeck
Mark Alexander & Diane Chapel
Allan Alicuben
Julie Allred
Ben Anderson
Joy Anderson & Adrian Wilkinson
Michal Anderson
Heather Anderson
Beth Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew
Elissa Arnheim & Steve Mayszak
Michael Asaurus
June Ashley
Ronnie & Greg Ashline
Amanda Bach
Christopher Bachmann & Akiko Kurachi
Yelena Badicke
Wil Bailey
Beth Bakeman & Jay Strevey
Matthew Baldwin & Kayla Ferguson
Lorraine & Beth Bardeen
Susan Bardsley
Madalyn Barela
Sally & Phil Barker
Anthony & Donna Barnett
Brooke Bauer & Albert Alcoba
Laura & Eric Baumgartner
Nikki & Charles Beall
Em Beauprey
Beth Beaury & Adam Moss
Michelle Bell & Brian Jarrard
John Bell
Frank Belz & Judy Kerner
Sarah Benki-Nugent
Alex Bennett
Sarah Benrath & Simon Axten
Katie & Jeremy Berman
Meishan Bettendorf
Shari Bitcon & Paul Donnelly
Evelyn Bittner & Jason Williams
Sarah Bixler
Joleen & Stefan Black
Norm Black
Terri Blanchard
Kari Blankenship & Noah Oldham
Paul Blinzer
Sine & Kendall Bodden
Jennifer Bolton
Ian Bond
Kristin Boraas
Mary Borden
Karen & Thadd Boucher
Charee Boulter
Daniel Boyle
James Bracher
Margaret & Miranda Bradford
Angelique Brazier
Shira & Matthew Brewer
Heather Brincko
Mike Brogan & Emilie Powell
Alvertis Brooks
Mike Brosius
Dorrene Brown
Tea Aung & David Brown
Stephen Brownell
Julie Brunett
Allison Buchholtz-Au
Jennifer Buckley
Patricia & Ronald Bucknam
Barbara Bumatay-Picayo & Robert Picayo
Kira Burge
Danielle & Cecily Burke
Ginny & Charlie Burton
Allyson & Russell Byrne
Michael Cahn
Anne Cain
Scott & Kristine Calhoun
Mandy & Taylor Callaway
Heather Camp & Jordan Prutkin
Jamie Campbell
Erin Campbell
Miranda Cannon
Diane & Richard Carbone
Megan Carlson
Elif & Chad Caron
Cheyenne Casebier
Marlene Castillo
Kamala Caton & Jeff Linsenbigler
Helene Chandler & Ron Roesler
Toni Chandler
Roy & Carolyn Chapel
Katie & David Chapman
Aimee Chase & Nathan Bultman
Preetha Chatterjee & Shubhabrata Mukherjee
Mona Ching
Julie & David Chivo
Deidre Choy
Sara & Jacobe Chrisman
Carrie Christensen
Jennifer Chung
Maxime Clabaut
Calum Clark
Liam H. Clark
Melissa Cobb
Kate & Justin Coble
Katherine Cohen
The Cohn Family
Robert Colbert & Lisa Caylor
Gisela Coleote
Joe Colistro
Ian Cook
Sayre Coombs & Andrew Borges
Erin Coppa
Margaret Cornett
John Cornicello
Dawn & Matt Couch
Fawn & Mike Coussens
Terry Crane
Sarah Cranston
Aubrey Creeden
Stephanie Crothers
Danielle Crystal
Michelle Curran
Becky Daggett
Rebecca Daggett
Paisley Dandenault
Ben Danielson
Anelise & Martin Darvas
Diane Davis
Charles Davis
Adam & Lindsey Davis
Tracey & Andy Day
Corinne Daycross
Alice de Anguera & Jennifer Brown
Carl de Marcken & Marina Meila
Heather & Martin deVrieze
Alexandra Degroot
Dana Del Monte Townsend & Tom Townsend
Aimee Delamore
Sabrina Delgado Arias
Colby Dempesy
Mark Desierto
Jeff Deveaux
Maureen Devlin & David Zuckerman
Adrienne Dewey
Meg Diaz & Chris Fitzgerald
Nicole Dibacco & Julian Herrera
Isabel Dickey
Michelle Dittbrenner
Audrey Djunaedi
Erica Dodds
Annette Dong
Laura & James Dooley
Sandi & Don Drummond
Kim Dukehart
Igor Dvorkin & Tori Stephens
Deborah & Ross Dworman
Holly & Michael Dzyban
Amy & Peter Eby
Kelly & Richard Eckert
Susie Edwards
Mitchell Ehman
Naomi Eigbe
Josie & Adam Ekberg
Charlie Ellis & Sarah Ross-Viles
Paula & Grant Emery
Joselynn & Randy Engstrom
Vanessa & iLan Epstein
Erin Eramia & Jeremy Bingham
Marcia Erdman
Mariah Erlick
Kali Esancy
Emily Escobar
Thomas Evans
Connie & Loren Evans
Emilie Ewart
Sydney Fagerstrom
Megan & Dana Ferestien
Clara Fernandes & Luis Ferreira
Tyler Ferraro
Bridget Ferriss
Carrol Fifer
Amanda & Landon Fisher
Christ & Elizabeth Fisk
Leah Fitzgerald
James Fitzpatrick
Janet Flockhart Hronek
Peggy Foerch
Nick Fortunatus
Thea & Erik Fortune
Sarah Foster & Jacob Ellul-Blake
David Fox & Diana Wilmar
Josh Francis
Glory & Filip Francke
Becky Frank & Justin Pallari
Kira Franz
Jamar Freeze
Shannon French
Ellen Frierson
Fulcher Family
Emily Fulton
Martha Furie
The Furies
Alina Gabriel
Emily Darby & VK Gadi
Jeanne Galbraith
Lisa & Jeff Gardner
Risa Garelick
Shanti & Matthew Garman
Miki Garrison
The Bonnici Family
Dena Gazin
Danielle Gennaoui
Denise M. Gentry
Elyse Gerber
VeraEve Giampietro
Christina & Ian Gilman
Chris Glasnapp Victoria Davis
Yarrow Goding
Angelina Godoy
Shana Goldman & Nate Riordan
Mary Goldman
Lena Golia
Agnes & Jason Gomez
Amailia Gonzalez-Kahn & Chester Knapp
Roger Goosey
Siobhán Gordon
Donna Gordon
Susan Gould
Michelle & Solomon Graf
Octavia Graham
The Greaves Family
Natalia & Vladimir Grebennikova
Aaron Green
Curtis & Annette Green
Anna & Brandon Gribben
Amy Kuhn & Tom Grieshaber
Thomas Groh
Joel & Molly Grow
Ecco Guiberson
Kevin Gumba
James Gwertzman
Megan Haddock
Sydnor Hain-Fawzi
Sara Hall
Nels Hamacher
Kristen Hambrick
Daniel & Jill Hannah
Kathy Harden
Lauri & Kevin Harden
Kimme Harden
Wendy & Nick Harden
Stephanie Harmon
Ruby Harper
Andrea Harrington
Dale Harris
Meg Harry
Johanna Harshman
Emma Hart
Vanessa Harvey
Bret Haugh & Rich Deck
Lauren Hausner
Paul Hawxhurst
Adam Hayes
Sara Hebert
Teresa Heger
Allison Hein
Deborah & John Hellrung
Alyssa Hellrung & Chris Tschirgi
Erin Henderson & Matthew Filak
Stephanie Henderson
Kristi Hendrickson
Nancy Henshall & David Miller
Erica Herfindahl & Herb Goldman
Ivan Hernandez
Leonore Hernandez & Daniel Wajerski
Kristin Herndon
Lilly Herrera & Devlin Kleber
Kirsten Higgins
Amanda Hill
Mellicent & Kevin Hinson
Nancy Hirsh
Lee Ann Hittenberger
Jenny Ho & Christopher Kakovitch
Kade Hodges
Dana Hoffman
Amy & Dan Hoke
Amy Holland & Mark Starc
Sika Holman
Lisa Holmberg
Mick Holsbeke
Doug & Dory Holstein
Susan Hood & Tom Leonard
Tara & Troy Hopwood
Amy Horn
Megan & David Hoskinson
Vryce Hough
Toni Houghton
Nyssa Houzenga
George Howard & Rin Scherrer
Igor Hsoshitaishvili
Stephanie Hsu
Kellie Hua
Ted & Letha Hudek
Michelle & Bert Huelmann
Susan & Bob Hurwich
Rusenia & Michael Ingram
Mary Ingvoldstad
Angela Inman
Alison Ivey
Cera Jackson
Genevieve Jacobsen
James Jalenak
Michael Janney
Jemma Johnson-Shoucair
Rhys Jones
Sara Jones
Rokea Jones
Stephanie Jordan & Robert Gordon
Joelle Jorissen
Kevin Joyce & Martha Enson
Shana & Bill Jukes
Erin & Brad Kahn
Judith Katsh
Sara Katsh
Perri Katzman
Judith Kaufman & Gary Wortzel
Eli Kaufman & Jeppa Hall
Sarah Kaye
Ariel Keel
Desirie Keith
Robert Kelly
Elona Kelly
Rebecca & Tim Kelly
John Kennedy
Reilly Kennon
Kyle Ketcham
Jessica Keteyian
Emily Keurvorst
Roberta Klarreich
Tanya & Matt Knannlein
Emily Knaphus-Soran
Jennifer & Aaron Knopf
Michael & Bria Knowles
Travis Knuth
Mary Koenen
Barbara Korducki
Matthew Korson & Rose Becerra
D’Vorah Kost
Sara Kostetzer
Jeanette Kotch
Ed & Liz Kotowski Charitable Giving fund
Alyssa Kreider & William Sunderland
Ganapati Krishnamoorthy & Gayathri Venkataraman
Kevin Kroll
Tracy & Anton Kropp
Ryan Kuykendall & Alicia Goodwin
Ulyana & Daniel Kuzmycz
Kristen Laine & Jim Collins
Heather Lambert
Kate Lampi
Terry & Mike Lance
Elise Landles
EJ Landsman
Jane & Norm Langill
Liesl Langley
Sara Lanzillotta
Leslie & Chris Larsen
Brian Lawler
Katherine Lay
Minh Chau Le
Cheryl Lea
Emi Leamons
Kennedy Leavens & Brad Cebulko
Lacey Leavitt
Deena Ledger
Maia & Jeff LeDoux
Clarie & Erik Lee
Kathleen Lee
Rex Lee
Erika Lee
Michelle Lehman & Jean-Pierre Vidican
Alain Leon
Nancy Leon
Paola Leone & Greg Vaughn
Ruth Leonetti Edsall
Janie Leonhardt & Nirav Patel
Cynthia & Mike Levine
Katy Levit
Kerem Levitas & Enoka Herat
Alaron Lewis
Kristy Lewis & Lance Andree
Susan Lin
Kate Lindsey
Edrea Lita
Alexa Llibre
Lauren Loh
Lisa Losito
Olivia Lotz & Andrew Krehbiel
James Loveland
Gary & Jerrie Lovre
Geoff Lowrey & Katherine Fitzpatrick
Adriana Lozada
Rochelle & Vincent Lucero
Tamara & Brian Ludford
Sven Lugar
Mary Machala
Laura MacPherson
Kelly Magee
Alan Magelssen
Alyssa Magney
Melinda & Clinton Mainland
Lzbeth Malig
Joseph & Dana Manalang
Anisa Manion
Rachel Mansour
Emiko Mar
Toni Marhsall
Chayo Maria
Nathalie Martel
Robert Martin
Bridget & Todd Martin
Amy Martin
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Mira & Goran Martinovic
Noelle & Patrick Mathias
Heather & Teddy Matinde
Joanne Matsusaka & Brett Backues
Mikenzie Matteson
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Lauren Maxey & Asela Gunawardana
Julia & Colin May
Laura & Damon May
Ashlei Mayo
Cari McCarty
Laura McCloud
Maggie & Matt McComb
Anders McConachie
Charly McCreary
Joe McDermott
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Lucy McDonald
Katy McEwen
Julie McGalliard
Piper Mcgaughey
Caitlyn McGuire
Michael McIntyre
Holland McIver & Gene Martin
Jane McPhedran & Jason Stewart
Samantha Meier
Alfredo Menendez
Jenean Merkel Perelstein
Maddie Messina
Paige Metka
Margaret Meyerhofer
Laura Miller
Gray Miller
Rhonda Mills
Team Mimosa
Laura Mitchell
Kirsten Mohan
Cristy Molnar
Alison Monen
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Peggy Morris
John Morrison & Christina Wong
Cassandra Moselle
Anna Muzzy & Jeff Bell
Rina Nagashima
Harvey Nagin
Hannah & Linda Nagin
Missy Nagin
Natalie & Bruce Nairn
Sandra Nanney
Christina Napoletano
Heidi Narayan
Tendency Narciso & Mikhail Davidov
Amber Nash
Lisa Nehmer
Andrea Netherwood
Gerry Newbanks
Ryan Newby
Sarah Ng
Lisa Nguyen & Eric Lemar
Damithia Nieves & Richard Keating
Shalini & Nikhil Nilakantan
Evan Noon
Nicole Norella
Teena North & Glenn Walter
Ashley & Fred Northup
Samantha Novak & James Fitzgerald
Ann Novakowski & Al Brower
Rachel Nussbaum & Noam Pianko
Sara O’Hern
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Baron Oldenburg
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Anthony Oliver
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Emily & Oscar Papel
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Ina Percival
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Leanora Perillo
Brendan Perkins & Christina Dietrich
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Rosemary & James Peterson
Jennifer Peterson
Emily & Peter Petrucci
Patience Pfeiffer
Suzanne & Scott Phillips
Jenny Ku
Mike & Annemarie Plumpe
Rosemary & Hari Ponnekanti
Katya Ponomareva
Laina Poon
Esjay Powell
Laura Powers
James Premo
Matthew Price
Kalinda Pride
Sarah Prochnau
Alex Pulst-Korenberg
Bob Querns
Kiki & Chris Rae
Anna & Dan Raensteam
Lily Rajan & Ted Pierson
Marlys & Curtis Ralph
Kristen Ramirez
Jamie Rauch
Brian & Karen Reiling
Dana Reinhart
Noelle Remington & Steven Connor
Doris & T.A. Rempel
Devon Lyons & Nicole Rehndal
Anne Marie Reunert
Sunita Richardson
Aviva Richman & Bram
Karen & Kevin Rio
Alexander Rist
Alex & Jean Ritzen 
Brian & Lucinda Robbins
Rachel Roberson & Wolter Benning
Suzanne Roberts & Richard Curtis
John Roberts
Nora Robertson & Rusty McLellan
Karleen Robinson
Daniel Roche
Camille Rochester
Catherine Roe
Daniel Romer
Kelly Rondou
Christiana Rose
Katie Rosen
Leslie Rosen
Patrice & James Rousell
John Ruby
Aura Ruddell
Camila Ruiz
Johanna Rundquist & Steve Zang
Phil Rutschman
Jeremy Sadler
Shannon Sadowski
Nicholas Saether
Erikka Sagor
Katie Sako
Jill Santillan
Michaela Saputi
Karolina Sarnowska-Upton
Liam Savage
Kimberly Scaia & Daniel Arranaga
Carrie Scheib
Paul Scheible
Darcy Scherer & Amy Lowen
Ariel Schmidtke
Gwyn Schneider
Carrie Schonwald & Genevieve Meyer
Tera & Eric Schreiber
Jenness Schrenzel
Hannah Schultz
Mr. & Ms. Segundo
Tanmeet Sethi & Stephen Olivar
Julie Severson
Adina Shanholtz
Craig Shank & Meredith Stelling
Maryam Shariatzadeh & Arash Asareh
Amanda Sharpe
Sara Shaw & Matt Cary
Dan Shih & Ted MacGovern
Selena Shilad
Kelly Shipman
Erin Shipton
Ava Shockley
Chaya Shyamprasad & John Lian
Ishya Silpikul & Jim Ewing
Sandy & Gregory Simmons
Jason Simpson
Shannon Singler
Nicole Sipila
Vicki Skeers
Anu Slorah
Paige & Brad Smith
Rymal Smith
Colette & David Smith
Ian & Heather Smith
Angela Smith
Jennifer Smoose
Melissa Snow & Mary Goodell
Amanda Snyder & Stuart Cathey
Bev Sobelman
Mira Song
Chelsea Sparks
Sara Sparrow
Audrey Spinazola
John Spinosa
John Sposato
Eben Sprinsock & Janet Egger
Elizabeth & Scott Stanton
Andrew Stanton
Thomas Wendell Starr Estate
Elizabeth Steele
Rachel Steele
AJ Steers & Sara Buckwitz
Allyn Stern & Jim Wallen
Jennifer Stewart & Tim Hinderliter
Kyra Stewart
Kristen & Christopher Stock
Stacy Stocki
Iris Stokes & Eric Olson
Kathleen Strawn
Elizabeth Strong
Francine & Tom Stroud
Eveleen Sung
Volha Surmach & Aliaksandr Hramyka
Cathy Sutherland & Ron Bailey
Eva & Raymond Talbot
Cathy Talcott
Vivian Tam
Vicky & Matt Tamaru
Kevin Tang
Bill & Barrie Taraday
Laurel & Evan Taylor
Ellen Tennis & Mike Tribble
Sara Thiessen
Deborah & Brian Thomas-Jones
Ann & Greg Thornton
Chris Thornton
Amanda Thornton & Nick Perry
Emily Tibor & Trevor Taylor
Sierra Tinhof
Michael Tippie
Patricia Tobi
Mary Ellen Togtman-Wood
Torres Family
Rachel Traicoff
Lynn & David Treadwell
Tanya Treat
Vanessa Tretton
Angus Trim
Nicole Tsong
Joyce Tsui
Kristin Turner
Jane Tyrrell
Tahl Tyson
Monica Ulseth & Zoran Popovic
Wednesday Vail
Trey Valenta
Jennifer & John Valliere-Douglass
Stefanie Van Rafelghem
Kellyn Vandenburg & Matthew Bartels
Doris Vanderhyde
Pia VanHanen & Steven Ulmer
Heather Van Steenburgh
Miranda Vargas
Samantah Vasquez
Marshall & Anne Vaughan
Ty Vennewitz
Penny Veronica
Sonia Siegel Vexler
Mia & Brian Vinkemulder
Faye Visintainer
Christine Visser
Colette Vogele
Madeleine Volfbeyn
Hoa Vu
Kevin Vu
Neha Waida
Megan Wagoner
Nancy & Joe Waldmann
Marlys Waldo
Kristie & Colin Walker
Laura Waller
Angie Walls
Bobbi Walters
Jane Walters-Cooke
Weishan Wang
Angela Wapner Ponsano
Kelly Ward
Holly Warren
Nikki Watters
Kris Weber
Jake Webley
Deborah Wedge
Jessica & Geoff Wellington
Jennifer Welsh
Jonathan & Kathleen Wendel
Jennifer Wensrich
Heidi Wesley
Martin Westenfield
Kelin Westlund
Ron & Laura Weston
Linda Whang & Randy Brown
Erin Whelan
Loki White
Melanie White & Nick Rempel
Jaime White
Gwen Whiting
Benson Wilder & Grace Funk
Karen Wiley
Daniel Willems & James Lambard
Susie Williams
Foxy Williams & Jason Davison
Nadja & Matt Wilson
Tara Wilson
Heather Wind & Mike Salk
Rachel Winer & Jonathan Staver
Brandy Wingert
Erin & David Winiecki
Brendan Winter & Sarah Kate Moore
Jeff Wise & Eric West
Casey Wittekind
MJ Wizcek
Lori Wolff
Howard Wolosky & Julie Stein
Georgette Wong-Beadnall & Charles Beadnall
Pamela Wood
Sylas Wright
Andrea Wright
Monique Wright
Adella Wright
Merrily Wyman & Karen Bryant
Alysha Yagoda
Betty Yee
Josephine Yeskovich
Hunter York
Shinji & Ai Yoshida
Nina You
Julie Young Walser
Paula Yuan
Monica Yuen
Shanna Zak
Laura & Josue Zapata
Marcela Zavala & Fabian Moya
Lenore Zenger & Geoff Fanning
Theresa Zimmerman
Mae Zing
Allison Zumalt & Jay Easton

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