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Help SANCA students attend AYCOFest!

An Amazing Opportunity for Students

Held August 24th – 27th, AYCOFest is a circus festival organized by the American Youth Circus Organization. It’s a chance for youth from around the United States to gather together for a few days of circus fun. SANCA will be hosting the festival this year for the first time in 10 years!

AYCOFest is an amazing opportunity for our students to meet and be inspired by their peers and other coaches from around the country. Students have the chance to learn new things, try new disciplines, and try old things in new ways. There will also be workshops, social events, and community showcases that students will be able to attend. Students get the chance to immerse themselves in the circus for four days of fun with 250 other youth from circus programs near and far.

SANCA’s Youth Companies are bringing more than 20 students and 4 coaches to the festival. Celestial, Cirrus, and Nimbus all have members attending the festival. SANCA is offering scholarships to pay for festival registration, available to all Youth Company families. We want to ensure that all of our Youth Company members are able to attend!

If you’d like to donate to SANCA’s Youth Companies, your contribution will go towards scholarships allowing students to attend no matter their family’s financial situation.

AYCOFest is here!

Raised: $2,649.29 | Goal: $4,000



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Learn more about AYCOFest:

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