All day circus when the kids are out of school

They don't have to run away to join the circus!

• Acrobatics • Trampoline  • Juggling • Flying Trapeze • Tightwire • Aerial Arts & more!

SANCA offers an extensive day camp program for children age 6 and up. Our day camps allow students to develop physical skills, increase confidence, build self-esteem and get physically fit.
• No previous experience necessary to enroll in circus arts camps.
• ALL five-day camps include Flying Trapeze
• Specialty camps may have prerequisites.
• Our student to instructor ratio is 8:1 for maximum safety and fun.

Full-day camps are 9am – 3pm.

Half-day AM camps are 9am – 12pm.

Half-day PM camps are 12:30-3:30pm.

EBC half-day camps are 10am – 1pm.

School’s Out camps:

SANCA often offers Circus Arts camps when Seattle Public Schools are not in session. These camps are 9am-3pm.

  • 10 weeks of Summer camps
  • November Thanksgiving Break
  • December Winter Break
  • February Mid-Winter Break
  • April Spring Break

See Camp Descriptions below for more information.

2018 Summer Camps:

Enrollment begins Sunday January 28, 2018.  Summer schedule can be found by clicking here
Note: When our Circus Odyssey and Circus Big Top camps become full we create a waitlist and will open another section of camp when possible. Please add your student’s name to a waitlist by calling our office.

Circus Odyssey:

[ages 6-9] An introduction to the wonders of circus arts for our youngest aspiring circus artists! Campers will develop increased body awareness through tumbling and balancing their bodies, work collaboratively in group activities including ring passing and partner acrobatics, and experience the exhilaration of soaring through the air on flying trapeze.
Offered as a half-day camp, morning or afternoon, for $265 or as a full-day camp for $475

Big Top Circus:

[ages 10-17] Older campers will cultivate a wealth of circus skills in this multi-disciplinary camp. By exploring activities including aerial arts, acrobatics, equilibristics, object manipulation and flying trapeze, campers will end the week with a broad foundation of circus skills which will be highlighted in a short demonstration for family and friends.
Offered as a full-day camp for $475

(Specialty) Acrobatics:

[ages 10-17] Bounce off the walls in our tumbling and trampoline camp! Beginning with fundamentals including tumbling and handstands, camp will progress to incorporate acrobalance, TumblTrak, and more.
Full day camp with general Circus Arts and Acrobatics Specialization for $495
Prerequisites: Completion of a session of SANCA tumbling or trampoline class or instructor approval, at the time of enrollment.

(Specialty) Aerial Fundamentals:

[ages 7-10*/11-17] Experience the empowering sensation of aerial arts in this camp for kids of all abilities. Campers will practice on aerial rope, fabric, trapeze and sling with an emphasis on excellent technique, with careful progressions that create success for everyone. Lessons in flexibility, conditioning and handstands are covered in the second half of each camp day.
Full day camp with general Circus Arts and Aerial Specialization for $495
Prerequisites: For ages 7-10: Completion of a session of circus arts class or instructor approval at the time of enrollment. No prerequisites for ages 11-17.

(Specialty) Advanced Aerial*:

[ages 11-17] More experienced youth aerialists will work with our coaches to move beyond tricks to create a short phrase of aerial choreography, accompanied by the sound track of their choice. We will focus on excellent technique and careful progressions that create success for everyone. Each day will close with lessons in flexibility and conditioning. Includes flying trapeze!
Full day camp with general Circus Arts and Aerial Specialization for $495
Prerequisites: Completion of a session of Level 2 aerial class or instructor approval at the time of enrollment.

(Specialty) Clown Lab:

[ages 10-17] This is the perfect camp for both the energetic class clown, and the quieter kids working to express themselves. We will play with character work, classic clown entrees, elements of mime, music, timing, physical comedy and more to give students the tools to start defining clown for themselves. Families are invited to a showcase of their new skills at the end of the week.
Full day camp with general Circus Arts and Clowning Specialization for $495


(Specialty) Hemiparesis Camp:

[ages 7-17] In this specialty camp, SANCA founder and pediatric nurse practitioner at Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic Jo Montgomery works with children who are affected by hemiparesis (limited mobility on one side of the body). Coach Jo applies her years of experience as a nurse practitioner, her extensive knowledge of circus arts, and her creative problem-solving to help students with limited mobility build strength and confidence. 10am – 1pm. $360

(Specialty) Object Manipulation & Equilibristics:

[ages 10-17] Defy gravity as you walk through the air in this object manipulation and balance-themed camp. Explore the arts of equilibristics by balancing on objects including tightwire, rolling globe, rola bola, and unicycle. Campers will also develop mastery over a variety of objects through activities including juggling, diabolo, poi, and spinning plates.
Full day camp with general Circus Arts and Object Manipulation and Equilibristics Specialization for $495

Partner Camp: Take Center Ring

with Seattle Children’s Theatre. (ages 8-11) Full-day (9am-4pm)

Run away to the circus with Seattle Children’s Theatre and the School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts this summer. Experienced coaches will have you defying gravity as you try out circus skills like juggling, tumbling, and flying trapeze. With your SCT acting teacher you will engage and stretch your voice, body and mind as you develop a wide range of fundamental acting skills. You don’t need to have experience in circus, gymnastics or acting, just a willingness to let go and fly. Enroll through SANCA office.
$425 until 5/31; $470 after 5/31. Seattle Children’s Theatre members receive a 5% discount on tuition.

Partner Camp: Center Ring Science

with Pacific Science Center. Full-day camp; 9am-12pm occurs at SANCA
Pacific Science Center and SANCA (School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts) are teaming up for a week of scientific exploration and creative movement through sensational circus arts. Catapult through the air like an acrobat and experience the elasticity of a trampoline. Spend your mornings at SANCA where you will learn the basics of circus arts: balance and walk on a wire, practice juggling tricks, unicycle and soar through the air on the flying trapeze. In the afternoon, head to the Pacific Science Center for hands-on science challenges that build your mental strength, flexibility, and understanding of physics. Come fly through this active week with us! Transportation between locations is included.
Registration through Pacific Science Center.  $470 until 4/30; $500 after 4/30

SANCA’s Summer Camp schedule can be found by clicking here

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Enrollment Information and FAQs

How to enroll:

  • Call our office at 206-652-4433 to enroll your campers
  • Enrollment are also accepted via email and in person
  • The SANCA office processes all enrollments in the order that they are received
  • Enrollment of partner camps is processed by the outside organization, not by the SANCA office
  • Early Bird discount: $20 off each Summer Camp’s tuition for enrollments made through April 15th
  • Payment plan and scholarships are available. Please talk to our office staff about these options when you enroll your student. Our scholarship application can be found here. This form should only be completed after enrolling your student.
  • There is an annual registration fee of $60. The registration fee is capped at $150 per year for families. It is non-refundable.

Transfers and cancellations:

  • Within 72 hours of the date camp begins camp tuition is not transferable or refundable.
  • Paid tuition may be transferred from one week to another or canceled and refunded at no additional charge if the request is received at least two weeks before the date camp begins.
  • Transfer requests from one week to another made in the two weeks before camp begins do not have a financial penalty, but transfer requests are subject to availability. If you transfer out of one camp and there are students waiting, your spot will no longer be available should you change your mind.
  • Cancellations made in the two weeks before camp begins are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of camp, and the balance of the unused tuition will be retained as a credit toward future tuition. Credits are transferable to other students and may be used toward flying trapeze, gift certificates and merchandise.


  • Names are accepted for waitlists without the guarantee of enrollment.
  • Office staff will call if a spot opens in the camp for which your student is on the waitlist. Families have 24-hours to confirm this enrollment or the open spot will become available for the next student on the waitlist (or the general public if there is no one else on the waitlist).
  • Parents may choose to call and check on the status of a waitlist.


  • Students are expected to attend the camps in which they are enrolled
  • Camp tuition is not prorated.

Confirmations and communications:

  • You will receive an email confirmation for camp enrollment.
  • Using our email newsletter service we send out camp reminder emails the Friday before camp starts, as well as information about camp experiences and events during the week of camp.

To enroll in a camp simply call our office! 206-652-4433