Celebrate at SANCA

Birthday, Graduation, Bachelorette, or any reason at all!

Have your next celebration at SANCA

“We hosted our son’s 7th birthday at SANCA. It really is such a wonderful place. We were greeted by 2 friendly staff who quickly got things organized, and the kids were on the floor in no time.

Even the most shy kids were instantly engaged as the two instructors took them through the different activities: floor exercises, tight rope, trapeze, trampoline, at a good pace that kept the kids focused and totally engaged.  The kids loved it!! – Yelp Reviewer

Celebrate circus-style!

Run away with the circus for a day and bounce, tumble, juggle, balance, or even fly! Our parties are great for birthdays, youth organizations, family reunions, graduations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just for an excuse to get together with friends! Whether you would like to walk on the tightwires or fly through the air, SANCA has the party activities for you and your friends!

No experience is necessary to enjoy our energetic circus parties or the thrill of our flying trapeze parties!

“Oh my gosh there is only one word I can think of to describe my child’s birthday party: AWESOME!!
We booked a FLYING TRAPEZE birthday party. The staff was very flexible, worked will all abilities and accepted that there were kids who just wanted to watch, no pressure. They did an amazing job at keeping kids feeling safe even though it was a pretty intense experience. 

Since two of the kids didn’t want to try, I decided to go. Now…. if I can do it anyone can. I am over 45, quite rubenesque and have not worked out since my teenager was born. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!”  –Yelp Reviewer

Two types of parties: both offer fun activities and great memories

Flying Trapeze Party

Flying Trapeze Party (ages 4+): Enjoy a private two-hour class out in the SANCA School of Flight big top tent! It’s a great way to celebrate any special event. 

FT hands off SB

The party starts with flying trapeze ground school and a quick warm up followed by the opportunity to fly up high and –if flyers are ready– throw a trick to one of the School of Flight catchers!

What should we wear?
 Participants should wear comfortable athletic clothing that allows you to move freely, but nothing too baggy. Many people wear yoga pants or leggings, running tights, or anything that won’t bunch up behind your knees. Also, party guests should wear or bring socks.

Spectators are always welcome at the School of Flight. Tables are available upon request for refreshments or gifts.

How much do parties cost? Our standard Flying Trapeze Party accommodates 10 participants and costs $500. For an additional $200, you can bring as many flyers as you like! 

How do I check availability and book my party? Use the online booking to check availability, select and reserve your party time. If SANCA is closed there will be no times showing. You can visit our calendar here for closures. Need to review, change, or cancel a booking? Sign in and scroll past the available classes to link back to the customer area.


Circus Party

Youth Circus Party (ages 5+):

90-minutes total – One hour of circus activities and then 30 minutes in the party room! The party begins with a warm-up and includes 2-3 of the following activities:  Trampoline, Partner Acrobatics, Basic Tumbling, Tightwire, Juggling, Partner Juggling/Ring passing, Aerial Fabric, Static Trapeze

Just like our session classes, our student-to-instructor ratio is kept very small (max 8:1) to maximize the fun for everyone.  After the kids have tumbled and jumped, your party moves to one of our party rooms for your choice of activities which may include refreshments, gifts, & photos.

Teen/Adult Party (ages 12+):

90 minutes of pure circus shenanigans! The party starts with a quick warm up and includes 4-5 of the following activities: Trampoline, Partner Acrobatics, Basic Tumbling, Tightwire, Juggling, Partner Juggling/Ring passing, Aerial Fabric, Static Trapeze.

Party FAQs:

What should we wear?
 Participants should wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing with no buttons, buckles or zippers. Shoes will be taken off during activities, socks are optional.

How do I book my party at SANCA?

Using our bookeo portal is the fastest way to book your party at SANCA!

May I change the number of students attending the party that I have booked?

No problem! You can call the office at 206-652-4433 and they can help you with that. Please note that 16 guests is the maximum.

How long is my party?

• The normal party length is 1 hour of circus time and 30 minutes of time afterward in one of our party rooms for ages 12 and under parties.
• If the guest of honor is over 13 years old, their party will be 90 minutes of circus time with no time in the party room afterward.
• If you would like to add extra time in your party room, we can absolutely do that! Another half-hour in the party room is $25. Please note that this is not an extra amount of time on circus equipment.
• If you would like a custom circus booking please contact our party manager. Please note that custom circus party bookings will come with a custom price quote.

Does the party allow for an open gym?
No, your party will come with two highly trained coaches and a lesson plan, for optimal safety and fun.

Can I request specific activities for my party?
Yes! You will receive an email before your party that contains a link to our Party Form. In that form, you can request specific activities. You can also email our office with your requests.
Due to high demand on space, it is best to get your requests in by the Monday before your party. We will always do our best to honor at least one request, but due to other classes happening at SANCA, certain activities may not be available at certain party times. Thank you for your understanding.

Are your circus parties good for boys and girls?

Circus is for everybody. If you let us know the theme of your party beforehand (e.g. “The Greatest Show On Earth,” or “Ninja Warriors,”) we can tailor our language to focus more on your guests’ interests!

Are these parties appropriate for guests under 5 years old?

No. When we are working with 2-4 year-olds, our coach:student ratio is much lower than what it is for our parties. If you have a single 3 or 4 year-old sibling that needs to attend the party, please alert the office and we will work together to figure out how to make sure that 3 or 4 year-old is supported in our party plan, but we cannot accommodate multiple party guests under 5 years old.

Why can’t I have over 16 guests at my party?

• Our current coach:student ratio at SANCA is one coach to 8 students for ages 5 and up. Each party has two coaches assigned, which allows for up to 16 students.
• Our party program is structured for up to 16 to maximize time on equipment. (That’s the fun part!) Bookings over 16 guests become prohibitively expensive, as we need to bring in more coaches and find a separate time slot for the party when more space and equipment are available.
• If you have a party that absolutely has to be over 16 students, we classify that as a private event, and you can email our office or event manager to book your private event.

Do parents who only want to watch count as participants?
No. Parents who only want to watch are welcome to stay, provided they do not go on any equipment.

Can adults try some equipment during the party?
Adults that wish to try equipment during the party count as party participants and need to be paid for, so that our coaches know to watch out for them. Adults should not go on SANCA equipment without a coach.

Do you provide food?
We do not. We provide tables, paper tablecloths and crayons, chairs, and the party t-shirt for the guest of honor. We also have party favors available for purchase.
Do you have a fridge/freezer?
We do have a fridge and freezer available for party families to use!
Can we have pizza delivered to your facility?
Pizza can be delivered to SANCA! We recommend ordering right as your party begins so it arrives on time.
Are peanuts/milk/gluten/any other allergen okay at your facility?

Peanuts/milk/gluten/etc are fine at our facility!

Do we have to clean up the party room?
We request that you please keep the room relatively neat; our coaches will clean up after you.