Private Lessons

Specific skill instruction

Individualized Instruction

Whether once or ongoing, a private lesson can be a great way to learn new skills, fine-tune current skills, or focus deeply on specific aspects of your training.

If you are looking for instruction in circus arts that can supplement and expand on skills you’re learning in class, or if you’re not able enroll in a session class, a private lesson might be right for you.


includes: Handstands, handbalancing, tumbling, trampoline, German wheel, Cyr wheel, partner acrobatics, contortion, and Chinese pole.


includes: Static trapeze, straps, rope/corde lysse, fabric/tissu/silks, sling/hammock, lyra/hoop.

includes: Unicycle, tight wire, slack line, rola bola, and rolling globe.

Object Manipulation

includes: Ball juggling, club juggling, ring juggling, scarf juggling, passing, bounce juggling, diabolo, plate spinning, poi, devil sticks, hula hoop, and contact juggling.


  • 55 minute lesson for one student is $75
  • 85 minute lessons for one student is  $110
  • 115 minute lessons for one student is $140.
  • Rates for 2 students are $100/$145/$190.
  • In the case of students training specifically in a partnered skill, such as partner acro or duo aerial, rates are $85/$120/$150.  

How to Book a Private Lesson

  • To schedule a Private Lesson, call the office at 206 652 4433 or email at least 72 hours in advance
  • The office will pair each student with a qualified instructor, taking into account specific requests when possible.
  • Payment is due at time of booking and/or no later than 48 hours before the lesson.


  • Private Lessons are intended for one or two students.
  • Students may pay for multiple lessons in advance and hold funds in their in-house account.
  • Private lesson students are charged an annual registration fee as are all SANCA students. This amount is currently $60/person and can be paid in installments. (Students who do not live locally or who will be taking only 1 or 2 private lessons may be exempt from the registration fee).
  • A cancellation made with less than 48-hour’s notice, with a few limited exceptions (injury, illness etc), will forfeit the lesson payment. A cancellation more than 48 hours in advance can be converted to in-house credit.
  • Private lessons are not be eligible for scholarship funds.