Adult Aerial Strength & Flexibility

Adult Aerial Strength and Flexibility is a specialized strength and mobility class for aerialists, both experienced and aspiring. Learn proper form, alignment and bio-mechanics to support the growth of your aerial practice using cutting-edge techniques. Class will include “pre-hab” to build joint stability and mobility to keep you healthy and injury-free.

Each class will consist of an aerial-specific warm-up, conditioning and pre-hab work, flexibility/mobility work using Natural Movement, PNF and resistance stretching, as well as weekly homework to maximize the benefits of your training.

This class is an excellent supplement to any aerial acrobatics class or flying trapeze.
Ages: 16 & up
Length: 85 minutes
Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in or graduation from Adult Aerial Fundamentals, or instructor approval.
Tuition:  $365/11wks for Winter Session
$150/session as a supplemental class

Available as Single Serving:
85 minutes: $35/single serving class

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  • Sunday

    14.30 – 14.44

    Su 2:30-3:55pm