Adult Aerial 2: Trapeze

Level 2 – Drills & Skills

After advancing from Level 1, you will be introduced to more complex and demanding elements of aerial. Building off of what they have learned in Level 1, you will learn not only new skills at a (literally) higher level on the equipment, but also alternative pathways into and out of skills that they are already familiar with, as well as being introduced to more dynamic movements.

Ages: 18 & up

Length: 85  minutes

Prerequisites for Level 2: Adult Aerial 1 and instructor approval

Progression: Adult Aerial 3 (Sequencing & Choreography)

Tuition: $465/14wks for the Fall Session; $430 for 13 weeks

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  • Sunday

    13.00 – 13.50

    Drills & Skills
    Su 1:30-2:55pm