Adult Aerial 3

Sequencing & Choreography

In these classes, students will focus not only the skills on the equipment, but also on transitions
and connecting pieces between one skill to another. Spending more time in the air and
beginning to build understanding of aerial choreography. Using all of the pieces that students
have learned in previous class levels, students will build longer and more individual sequences.

Ages: 18 & up

Length: 115 minutes.

Prerequisite: Adult Aerial 2 and instructor approval to advance

Progression: Adult Aerial 4

Tuition: $615/14wks for Fall Session

Sessions Offered(2)

  • Tuesday

    19.00 – 19.46

    Sequencing & Choreography: Trapeze
    Tu 7-8:55pm

  • Saturday

    11.00 – 11.46

    Sequencing & Choreography: Mixed App
    Sa 11am-12:55pm