Adult Aerial Fabric

adult-aerial-fabricAdult Aerial Fabric is one of our specialized adult aerial classes. Students will learn climbs, wraps, drops, and dynamic combinations of those skills on the aerial fabric. Skills specific to aerial fabric are supplemented by a continuing focus on strength and flexibility.

Ages: 16 & up

Prerequisites for Level 1: An Adult Aerial 1 class and instructor approval

Progression for Level 1: Adult Aerial Fabric 2

Prerequisites for Level 2: Instructor approval

Progression for Level 2: Instructor/student discretion

Prerequisites for Level 3: Instructor approval

Tuition: 85min $300/9wks

Other sections of Adult Aerial Fabric offered(2)

  • Tuesday

    11.00 – 11.52

    Level 3
    Tu 11-12:25pm

  • Tuesday

    12.30 – 12.52

    Level 1
    Tu 12:30-1:55pm