Teen Aerial for Performance

Students will work on all SANCA aerial apparati: fabric, lyra, sling, rope, static trapeze, straps, and single point trapeze. This twice-weekly class educates the students on both skills and technique in one class period, while they work on act creation, exploration, and performance practice in the second class period. Students may choose to opt out of the skills day if they have a conflict with their schedule, however student may not take only the skills day.

Skills Day: The first three-fourths of the session focus on skills acquisition and technique. After that students begin to work on a group piece choreographed by their skills coach.

Performance/Creation Day: the first three quarters of the session focus on performance technique and act creation exploration. After that students work on individual or small group acts created/developed by the students.

Ages: 11-17
Length: 85 minutes 2x/week, or students may enroll in the Creation portion as a 1x/wk class.
Prerequisite: Completion of Aerial 2 or equivalent. This class is for dedicated students looking to develop their skills at a performance level.
Tuition: $ /11wks for both Skills and Creation; $ /11wks for Creation portion only.