Intro to Juggling

Introduction – Toss. Catch. Repeat.

Intro to Juggling is a great foundation class for aspiring jugglers. This class is for students who want to bridge the right-brain left-brain gap and excel at object manipulation with one, two, and three objects.

Studies have shown that juggling is good for your brain-helping it to grow more white matter, which connects all types of brain cells. “The same transformation was seen in all the jugglers, regardless of how well they could perform. This suggests that it’s the learning process itself that is important for brain development, not how good you are.

Ages: 9 & up (or with instructor approval)
Length: 55 minutes
Prerequisites: none
Progression: Juggling with instructor approval to advance
Tuition: $315/14wks for the Fall Session
Available as a single serving circus class: $25

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