Junior Aerial 2

Level 2 – Personal Aerial Awareness

aerial3_051212_ellie_trapeze_BensonSquire_14_smJunior Aerial 2 is our second level Fundamental Youth Aerial Class where students continue to focus on strength, flexibility and form as they continue to build their skills and vocabulary on the trapeze, rope, and fabric.

This class is designed to challenge students as they start connecting skills together in short sequences as they continue to increase their personal aerial awareness and safety with movement.

Ages: 7-10
Length: 85 minutes
Prerequisites: Junior Aerial 1 & Instructor Approval
Progression: Junior Aerial 3 or Teen Aerial 2 (based on students age & skill level)
Tuition: $300/9wks

Other Sections Offered(1)

  • Wednesday

    16.00 – 16.12

    W 4-5:25pm