Circus Performance for Juniors

Performance is not just for teens! Junior for Performance is a well-rounded twice weekly class for students interested in bringing their talents in front of an audience. Skills taught include aerial, acrobatics and tumbling, object manipulation and equilibristics. This twice-weekly class educates the students on both skills and technique in one class period, while they work on act creation, exploration, and performance practice in the second class period.

Skills:  The first three quarters of the session will focus on skills acquisition and technique. After that students begin to work on a group piece choreographed by their skills coach.

Performance/Creation: The first three quarters of the session focus on performance technique and act creation exploration. After that students work on individual or small group acts created/developed by the students.

Ages: 7-10
Length: 55 minutes 2x/wk. Students may enroll in the Creation portion only for a 1x/wk class.
Prerequisites: Completion of junior circus 1 or equivalent
Tuition: $. $ for Creation only.