x Mini Fly Team

FTwintershow_2013_Lisa_PP_catch_NonFictionMedia_01Kids like the flying trapeze, but does your kid LOVE flying trapeze? The Mini Fly Team is for kids who have a particular knack for flying, who work hard, and who have mastered several beginning flying trapeze skills in regular flying trapeze classes. The Mini Fly Team is for 6-10 year-old flyers. Team members attend weekly classes and work with Coaches Alyssa, Paul, and Milla. The best part? The teams perform in the SANCA School of Flight Flying Trapeze shows at least twice a year and are also given other opportunities to showcase their skills at SANCA events like the SANCAthon Catch-A-Thon!

Ages: 6-10yrs

Length: 85 minutes

Prerequisites: Instructor approval

Tuition: $450/14 wks