Preteen Circus 2

Preteen Circus 1 is a general circus class that allows our 9-12 year old participants to try all that circus has to offer! Students focus on developing their sense of balance, coordination, physical awareness and spatial orientation with a wide variety of circus disciplines.

SANCA’s general circus classes start with a warm up followed by focus on several age appropriate circus skills. Included are trampoline, tumble track, tumbling, trapeze, rope, tight wire, rolling globe, juggling, and strength and flexibility. Students develop physical skills, increase confidence, and build self-esteem while having fun.

Ages: 9-12

Length: 85 minutes

Prerequisites: Preteen Circus 1 & Instructor Approval to advance

Progression:  Preteen Circus 3 or Teen Circus at age 13

Tuition:  $465/14wks for Fall Session;
$430 for classes starting the second week of the session.

Other Sections Offered(1)

  • Wednesday

    16.30 – 16.33

    W 4:30-5:55pm