Teen Circus 1

Teen Circus 1 tightwireLevel 1

Ever wanted to try circus but not sure where to start?  This class is for you!  Teen Circus 1 covers the basics of all of the equipment and all of the body positions you will need to build and progress to success.  It is a session long class but is only intended to be taken once before you graduate to the next level!

SANCA’s general circus classes start with a warm up followed by focus on several age appropriate circus skills. Included are trampoline, tumble track, tumbling, trapeze, rope, tight wire, rolling globe, juggling, and strength and flexibility. Students develop physical skills, increase confidence, and build self-esteem while having fun.

Ages: 11-17

Length: 85 minutes

Prerequisites: none!

Progression: Teen Circus 2

Tuition:  $365/12wks.

Other Sections Offered(2)

  • Monday

    17.30 – 17.47

    M 5:30-6:55pm

  • Thursday

    18.00 – 18.27

    Th 6-7:25pm