Unicycle 2

Level 2 – Look, Ma, no hands!

In this class we will work on free mounts, idling, riding backwards, hopping, obstacles, and juggling while riding either a standard unicycle or giraffe. Students will also work on advanced riding techniques such as wheel walking, one foot, over obstacles, group formations, and different sized wheels (12″, 26″, 36″).

Ages: 9 & up
Length: 55 minutes
Prerequisites: Students should be able to ride independently across the floor, make a tight turn, and come back with out touching anything. Student should be able to ride forward and steer with control.  Alternately, instructor permission.
Tuition: $315/14wks for Fall Session

Other Sections Offered(1)

  • Monday

    19.00 – 19.44

    FULL – Levels 2 & 3
    M 7-7:55pm