Circus Camp: Stella’s Story

SANCA’s circus camps come with two options, half days or full days. It was 6 year-old Stella‘s first time at circus camp, soshe signed up just for half days of camp for the week to see how she liked it. She arrived bright and early, and Stella and her fellow campers met their coaches Zach and Molly. All morning long campers got to explore many of the fun activities at SANCA: trampoline, tight wire walking, rolling globe, juggling with other campers, even acrobatics and aerial rope. At the end of camp Stella‘s grandmother arrived at Noon to take her home. “Grandma!” exclaimed Stella. “You’re here too early! We’re still playing!”Stella was smitten with circus. She signed up for full-day camps from then on, which means she got to spend more time doing all the fun activities in the SANCA gym. Best of all, Stella got to spend more time doing her new favorite circus thing- flying trapeze! She seems to have a talent for it, and she sure has a lot of fun doing it. She did great when her family came to watch her swing, and everyone cheered when she flipped into the net at the end.

Stella‘s enthusiasm and circus success are a fun inspiration. Thanks, Stella!