Diavolo Comes to SANCA!

Jones Welsh and Anne-Marie Talmadge, who were formerly co-artistic directors of Diavolo and now help run LA’s physical theatre company Not Man Apart, are offering a workshop in Dynamic Partnering and Kinetic Storytelling: 360°FLOW.

As the name suggests, 360˚ Flow is a practice of having a 360-degree spatial and body awareness, a three-dimensional system that focuses on transitional movement in dance and tumbling. Practicing inversion, balance, shape, and rhythm into a fluid use of the body in space and time result in a level of mastery and control of the force of gravity. Jones and Anne-Marie Talmadge have developed this technique that draws on influences of all styles of dance as well as martial arts and gymnastics to approach dance and tumbling on a visceral and anatomical level, facilitating the body’s natural alignment, coordination, and expression. Movement exercises and combinations focus on expanding movement potential, environmental awareness, and breaking through fear and mental blocks. The class also includes strengthening, flexibility, partnering, and improvisational components traveling in and out of the floor.

This day long workshop will be held Saturday 8/11 and Sunday 8/12 from 12-6pm and is for students ages 16+. There are no pre-requisite skills or experience.

Jones and Anne Marie are on their way to China to be part of the new Cirque Du Soleil show, so this will be your last chance for this workshop for a while!

Diavolo was a finalist on America’s Got Talent last season.

Please contact the office to register for this incredible workshop.