Josh – Peer-to-peer donation ask

When I moved to Seattle late last summer, one of the first things I made sure to do was sign up for circus classes. Spending time with a community of creative, passionate, fun, and hardworking people who aren’t afraid to try new things and push the envelope just adds so much to my life – the people that I practice aerial with really do become my family. I was so excited to get started at this school that I had heard was the top place to do circus in the region, and it far surpassed all my expectations. I couldn’t imagine my time in Seattle without the people I’ve met and the classes I’ve taken at SANCA.

With everything that’s going on these days, my first class at SANCA back in September feels like a lifetime ago. Because of COVID-19, we have entered a scary period not only for ourselves and our family and friends, but also for the businesses and organizations that help make our lives vibrant and whole. Just as there are actions that we all can take to protect and support ourselves and our loved ones in this time, there are also things we can do to help support an organization that has given us so much.

I already miss dropping on the silks, pulling up onto a trapeze, and feeling the solidarity of a good stretching session, and I want to make sure all of that is there when this is over. I’m going to be donating my remaining class time for winter session back to SANCA, and I hope you will join me in doing so. On top of that, I’m going to register for the spring session, not only to put out the positive energy that we’ll be in a better place by then, but also to show my continued support for SANCA, the wonderful coaches and staff, and the facilities.

After all, circus is like a family, and families gotta look out for each other in times like these.

Josh, Adult Aerial 3 student at SANCA