Wow! You Did It!

We asked you to GiveBIG . . . 

. . . AND YOU DID!

Washington’s GiveBIG day of giving has been part of SANCA’s annual spring fund drive since it launched ten years ago, and while it’s always been an essential source of support for SANCA, this year we really needed your help, and you were there for us.

I am so humbled and proud to share that you – our circus community – have made this our biggest GiveBIG ever with $22,910 given online. You gave more than double last year. Adding matches and offline giving to that total, you raised $40,438 to help SANCA through these uncertain times.

Our circus community has also sounded out loud and clear your passion for the circus arts and your support for SANCA as a vital non-profit arts organization in Seattle! The GiveBIG leaderboards for online giving report that SANCA places:

    • – 16th in fundraising among 382 participating arts organizations.
    • – 108th among all 1,682 participating organizations.

That is simply amazing. I am overwhelmed. Thank you.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and it became clear that we would need to shut down normal operations, there were many fears and questions, but one thing was clear — we’re circus people — we couldn’t sit still. The first thing our staff decided was to move as many classes as we could online for our community. And more, without hesitation, we decided on a policy of donations only for classes in the early days of this crisis.

We knew that many of the hardest hit by this pandemic would be least able to afford regular class fees, and in keeping with our mission and vision, it was essential that we provide as much access as possible to our whole community.

You haven’t let us down. Because of your support through GiveBIG, as well as your support in the early days of this crisis, SANCA will be able to continue online classes even as we prepare for the future. Your support is giving our students the opportunity to continue healthy and creative circus classes, to continue to connect with their friends in a time of social isolation, and to allow SANCA to continue to pay our staff and safeguard them financially.

Behind the scenes, we’re also working on what the return to SANCA will look like for all of us. The safety of our community is our highest priority. Your support at GiveBIG gives us the opportunity to put in place measures that will allow us to return to the gym in a safe way after the stay-home orders have been lifted.

While we don’t yet know when we’ll return to SANCA, I think this note of gratitude we received from a supporter really sums it up for us all:


“I love you SANCA! You have helped me see the power of my body in new and wonderful ways, I have made friends, and I can’t wait to return!”

You have made it possible for SANCA to survive these uncertain times. Thank you.

Jeff Deveaux
Development Director

Notes of Gratitude (quotes from our students and supporters)

“For two years you provided scholarship money that made it possible for my goddaughter to go to your summer camp. You made it possible for my nephew to attend classes for 3 years. Your honor system makes it so easy, and I will contribute what I can and when I can to thank you for your generosity and trust.”

“Thank you for offering online classes and engaging with the community!”

“Love your classes and programs! SANCA is so inspiring, encouraging and inclusive!”

“You are all amazing! We miss being at SANCA during this time, but I am so appreciative of all you are doing online. It’s been so fun for me to take classes each week, something I hadn’t done in a number of years. Looking forward to seeing everyone in person again when it’s safe; until then, hoping you’re all safe and healthy and making circus any way you can.”

“I experienced tremendous joy myself, but more than that, I watched so many people of all ages and sizes having the same joy. Circus provides so very much and we want to help anyone also experience that joy. Thank you for all you do!”