Into your shoes (from a student experience)

Student Ian Bond- Intermediate Acro-Yoga Online

Ian Bond is a performer, rock climber, outdoor enthusiast, and SANCA student. He and his partner Jenny have been loyally taking Intermediate Acro-Yoga once a week through SANCA’s online class offerings. Both Jenny and Ian started dabbling in circus arts this past winter taking SANCA’s Intro to Circus class but when the pandemic struck and many of the things they loved to do were shut down, they had to get creative about how to stay engaged at home.

Ian says they were “thrilled” to see the at home class offerings and they dove right in! Being creatures of habit, having a class they can rely on to help them stay connected to the day and each other has felt important to them physically and mentally. Ian also mentioned how they “love the vibes” of their Monday afternoon class and getting to know the other students has made him excited to take more classes at SANCA.

Ian is a movement choreographer and an actor so finding new and interesting ways to move his body is something he really enjoys. He is especially glad to have accessible classes with live instruction so he and Jenny can not only try new things, but get clear feedback in real time about what to do better and how to find success which he says is “SO much better than just trying to follow Youtube videos”. He describes his coaches, Nick and Amanda, as “incredibly gracious, clear and uplifting.”

Their coaches have had a blast teaching them because Ian and Jenny are attentive to the lesson, they communicate kindly with each other, and they never want to give up on a skill, which ultimately leads to lots of success! They have found that even when skills don’t quite work out and they inevitably topple over on each other they end up in a puddle of laughter and joy. Thanks Ian And Jenny for the light you bring to our online classroom, we are so glad you are a part of our SANCA community!

Article by Amanda Thornton