Into your shoes (from a student experience)

Student Sara Kostetzer- Intermediate Acro-Yoga Online

Partner work is an incredible way to work out, not just because you are using your own body and another person’s body to strengthen your muscles, but you are also learning to build strength in trust and communication through your practice. Sara and her partner Eduardo are perfect examples of two students who have built a beautiful foundation in partnership and have learned to strengthen themselves along the way. Sara says she had always wanted Eduardo to join her in her SANCA classes before the pandemic, but their physical distance from the SANCA gym, and work schedules always made it so difficult to get to the classes they wanted to take. But when the news came to shut down the gym, and quarantine orders were in place Sara and Eduardo found SANCA’s online offerings and the class they had always wanted to try together was now available in their own home. Now, three months later, they adore their online class. They have rearranged their weekly workouts, and business meetings so they can make it on time every time. “This is a class we enjoy so much, not only as a workout, but mostly as a couple. This is a moment to connect, work together, enjoy each other, build trust and more than ever, strengthen our relationship.”

Sara and Eduardo are so fun to have in class and to watch them grow is nothing short of amazing. They started out working on basic foundational skills, and trying new things with a bit of caution, but now they are in the advanced class nailing skills with beautiful grace and strong technique. “We need to get the good out of the bad and surely enough, your class has been a highlight of the times we live in.”

As their instructor, it’s impossible not to be impressed with their unwavering dedication to improving themselves and their relationship. Sara and Eduardo are truly an inspiration and a value to our online SANCA community.

article by Amanda Thornton