COVID-19 Fall Closure: Emergency Funds Needed

Dear SANCA community,

I thought I was going to be writing a thank you letter this week —many of our SANCA community have responded with support for SANCA’s Fall Appeal and we were near to meeting our goal. But now COVID cases are spiking and the Governor has issued a one-month closure for SANCA and other training facilities.

This minimum one-month closure is going to cause losses of at least $55,000 for SANCA. We will lose the remainder of our fall and winter-break camp and tuition revenues. Even if SANCA is allowed to reopen by January, we will continue to experience severe enrollment capacity limits for several months to come.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hurt our artists, coaches, and families. SANCA has suffered nearly $785,000 in losses this year and could lose hundreds of thousands more as the crisis continues. Our staff are losing their livelihoods from the loss of coaching hours and the cancellation of events and performances.

Please send an urgent gift of $50 or more today.

I just spoke with a worried mother who was concerned about what this new closure will mean for her family if they are unable to continue the circus classes that keep them healthy and engaged during this difficult time of social isolation.

What I CAN promise our families is that SANCA will continue our online and live-streaming classes like Circus with a Stuffy Buddy, Circus Strong fitness and conditioning classes, juggling, handbalancing, and more for our community.

Your gift will support us in this work and help us make it through closure until we can come out on the other side of this pandemic. SANCA will continue to offer a safe space and supportive environment to students of all ages and skill levels, whether online or in person. I hope you will join us by giving what you can to help us continue this challenging and exciting work. We can get through this together.

Your action is needed now. Please, send your gift today.

With gratitude for your support,

John “JT” Tannous
Executive Director