SANCA Board Opportunity

SANCA Board Opportunity

The SANCA Board of Directors is actively seeking passionate, diverse, and experienced board members to help guide our nonprofit organization as it transforms itself to become more inclusive and meet the challenges of COVID. We at SANCA are especially interested in adding more diversity to the board. Black, Indigenous, and people of color, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities are very welcome.

Our Mission

SANCA’s mission is to improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities by engaging them in the joyous creativity of acrobatics and circus arts.

Our Values

The SANCA community embraces these core values in the work we do, the circus we learn, and the relationships we build:

  • Inclusivity: We create a welcoming community that fosters trust, cooperation, and a sense of belonging. We provide access for all to experience the joy of circus arts, whether as active participants, as engaged spectators, or as patrons of circus arts.
  • Play: We delight in the joy of creative play, laughter, and having fun. Circus gives us opportunities to grow our minds, grow our bodies, and grow our hearts.
  • Respect: We believe mutual respect is the bedrock of a healthy community. We treat ourselves and others with integrity and compassion in our words and deeds.
  • Excellence: We hold ourselves and each other to the highest personal and safety standards. Understanding that failure and humility are integral to success and growth, we encourage persistence in the face of challenges.
  • Creativity: We create opportunities that ignite our imaginations and cultivate wonder in our community.

Our Programs

  • Youth Companies is a unique Art Experience for Youth in Circus. It is an immersive, multi-year program for three distinct age groupings: Stratus Circus (ages5to8), Nimbus Circus (ages8to12), and Cirrus Circus (ages 12 to 18).
  • Social Circus cultivates powerful personal and social transformation through educational programs, performance, and the therapeutic process.
    • Every Body’s Circus offers opportunities that benefit children and adults who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access circus or exercise.
    • Celestial Circus is a Social Circus performance troupe that serves teens with marginalized identities.
  •  Classes for the general public – Flying Trapeze, aerial, juggling, tight wire, etc.

For additional information on our vision, staff, classes, camps and more, please visit our web site

What Makes SANCA Unique

SANCA is recognized nationally as a leader in youth circus arts education, safety, and instructor training. We offer experiences that are physically challenging and socially enriching, and teach physical literacy to people of all ages. Our services to the community include recreational classes and day camps to provide youth with a safe, social, constructive environment for physical arts. SANCA’s programs broaden community engagement, reach diverse audiences, and encourage participation in the arts; the programs for youth reach those with the least access and opportunity to participate in healthy, creative, physical activities.

An Honor to Serve on the Board

SANCA board members have the privilege of working collaboratively to direct and support a circus school for children of all ages. We have seen first-hand the power of circus to transform lives. SANCA shows people that through hard work they can accomplish what they never thought possible.

SANCA Needs YOU if …

  • You are excited about helping direct a national leader in youth circus arts education
  • You have the time and energy to spend 10 hours a month doing board work: attending board meetings, participating in committee work, and supporting SANCA as an ambassador in your community
  • You could grow passionate about circus arts

    We’re especially interested in talking with you if:

    • You are an experienced fundraiser and enthusiastic about sharing your skills
    • You have expertise in finance or accounting
    • You have a background or experience with Anti-Racism, Equity and Social Justice efforts

Next Steps

SANCA wants to bring on a few new board members to serve two-year terms. Our initial review of applicants will be on January 15, 2021, with the goal of adding members to our board in February 2021. Additional appointments will be made throughout 2021, and applications will be accepted throughout the year.
If you are interested in joining the SANCA Board of Directors, please email