Two young SANCA students are in need

We have recently discovered that two young SANCA students are in need.

Two teenage siblings who have been students with SANCA for about 4 years are in need of a home, due to family circumstances. While they are currently living with a friend, this arrangement will end in 8-10 days. Despite this situation, the teens are currently attending high school (virtually); they are committed to continuing study at SANCA (they play a leadership role within their group); and they are sweet, positive and enthusiastic. They are without family financial support, and have no relatives in the area.

We have contacted local nonprofit agencies, youth services organizations, and shelters, however they are unable to assist in the matter. The good news is that a loving SANCA family member has agreed to host these two students in their home indefinitely. Our hearts are encouraged by this, but there is still more to do.

While this unusual situation is not a direct part of SANCA’s “regular” mission, we feel that assisting these students is consistent with our values and important to our community. Therefore, we are promoting an opportunity to contribute to their cost of living, including costs associated with food, utilities, clothing, and other necessities. 100% of all donated funds will go directly to providing these two students with a safe and loving home. Donations are direct and not funneled through a non-profit, and therefore, are not tax deductible.

Donate here to support ongoing monthly living expenses.
If people would like to contribute directly to set-up costs for the students, those funds can be sent to the Paypal account of the host family ( or dropped at SANCA in the form of gift cards. These funds will support the host family directly so they can care for these students.
Helpful donations would be:
  • Visa/Mastercard/Amex gift cards (this is basically like handing us a credit card with limited funds)
  • Grocery gift cards (Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Trader Joe’s are all located close by)
  • Target, Amazon, and/or Walgreens gift cards (stores that carry general merchandise that may be needed).
  • Mid to large sized dressers (we need two – one for each teen’s bedroom).
  • Family room furniture (couches, futons, armchairs, television console table, storage stuff, small table for games, etc) – we’re building out our downstairs area into a lounge area for the kids, so they have a place to retreat to when they don’t want to hang out in the living room with us or be stuck in their bedrooms. We’re pretty open to anything that might work.
  • Board games, books, small electronics, and other items that they may enjoy for entertainment purposes.
From the host family: We’re super excited to have the kids joining us and beyond thankful for all of the support and well wishes we’ve received from the SANCA community.

If any of you wish to contribute but have questions, please feel free to email Executive Director John Tannous. Thank you for considering supporting these two phenomenal young people.