Camp Volunteer opportunity

SANCA offers an extensive day camp program for children age 6 and up.  Our day camps allow students to develop physical skills, increase confidence, build self-esteem and get physically fit.  

There is no experience necessary to enroll in Core Generalish Circus Arts camps.

All camps are beginning level.  

Our student to instructor ratio is 5:1 for maximum safety and fun.

Full day camps are 9am-3pm.  


  • Each camp day begins at 8:30am, the first half-hour of each day is a time for setup and check-ins with Misty, SANCA’s Camp Coordinator. Misty will help you get acquainted with the plan for each day during this time. 
  • The camp-day will continue until 3:30pm, with the last half-hour being a time for end-of-day cleanup, breakdown, and another check-in with Misty to go over how each day went.


  • · Assisting with setup at the beginning of each day
  • · Greeting campers as they arrive and helping them find cubbies, as well as escorting them to their coaches
  • · Being a welcoming influence throughout the day, showing enthusiasm and celebrating the successes of campers
  • · Assisting campers with transitions between circus-stations, facilitating movement of camp-groups through the space
  • · Helping to uphold SANCA’s COVID-19 guidelines, reminding campers about proper social distancing and mask-wearing
  • · Assisting individual campers with finding an available bathroom, a band-aid, or an ice pack
  • · Being available to coaches with finding Tom or Misty if additional floor-support is needed
  • · Helping supervise during mask-breaks and lunch time, helping ensure that campers are maintaining safe distancing and washing hands before and after lunch
  • · Other duties as outlined by Misty



  • Make sure you are having fun! The above list may seem daunting, but always remember that your first priority should be having a good time being here and helping the campers. 
  • Tom and Misty are here to help! Asking questions is how we all learn and grow. If you’re uncertain about anything, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Remember to take breaks and stay hydrated!
  • The campers are people just like the rest of us, don’t be afraid to get to know them. Campers will always be excited to hear about your experience with circus arts, feel free to share your knowledge, stories, and jokes. Conversation makes lunchtime go by quickly.
  • Again, have fun with it! Our goal is to make sure that everyone is having the best possible time here.



Camps Manager

Misty Doty

Program Director

Tom Hanna