New Classes in Fall Session

For Fall 2021, SANCA is expanding with new classes and some returning favorites that haven’t been around since before the pandemic. Come explore and grow with us!

Intro to Unicycle, Thursdays 5:30pm

Who needs two wheels when you can ride around on one? Unicycle coaches will tailor their instruction to the skill level of each student, ensuring maximum individual progress. This class will help beginners gain the body control and muscle memory they need to ride a unicycle. This class will add to the intermediate/advanced student’s preexisting skills, refine their technique, and provide instruction for more intricate tricks. With Coach Julaine. Click to register.

Dance Improvisation, Wednesdays 7:30pm

Circus is a movement-based art form where, often, music is used to enhance performances and telling stories. To help with the development of an individual’s story and style, we offer a dance class. This class will be based on African diasporic dance forms. As we progress, you will be encouraged to incorporate your own musical taste and individuality with your movement. Ultimately, we hope this class will help with finding how you express yourself with movement and music and how you can use that in group or solo work. With Coach Tania. Click to register.

Jazz Dance, Fridays 7:00pm

Jazz Dance is a performance dance style with roots in African-American styles that arose with Jazz music. It has since been adopted in Western culture to incorporate elements of Ballet and Musical Theatre. In this class, we will investigate the fundamentals of Jazz movement and build sequences based on this classic dance style. This beginner level class is great for beginners to learn new moves and for advanced practitioners to work on technique and precision. This class is designed to be a fun and active way for all dance enthusiasts to get moving! With Coach Laura. Click to register.

Youth Tricking, Sundays 3:00pm or Thursdays 6:30pm

Foundational introduction to tricking takeoffs, set-ups, and shape variations for both vertical (upright) and inverted acrobatic tricks. Students will use the sprung floor, tumble track, and mats to practice the skill appropriate kicking, flipping, and twisting acrobatic tricks and combinations. With Coach Jared. Click to register for Sunday or click to register for Thursday.

Also check out Adult Tricking, Thursdays 7:30pm.

Adult Circus Intensive, Tuesdays 6:00pm

A 2-hour long version of Adult Circus in which we will dive deeper into each circus skill, allowing more opportunity to progress. Instruction will adapt to each student’s skill level to ensure everyone is challenged and learning. With Coach Velibor. Click to register.

Flying Trapeze Conditioning, Fridays 6:00pm

This class is designed to increase the strength of our Flying Trapeze students! Join Coach Lukas for an hour of strength training, combining body-weight and weight-based exercises, to take your flying to higher heights! Click to register.

Flying Trapeze Swing Intensive, Fridays 5:00pm

Are you ready to take your swing to higher heights? Join coaches Lukas and Paul as they break down the mechanics and physics in order to help students understand the ways to increase the efficiency of their flying trapeze swing. Click to register.

Pay Per Flight, Fridays 6:00pm

Kick your weekend off with our Pay-Per-Flight Friday Night! This is a great way to try flying trapeze for the first time or have some additional time each week to practice your skills. The $10 registration fee covers your first turn on the flying trapeze and each additional turn you take is an additional $5. Advanced registration for each participant is required because space is limited each week. Click to register.

Circus Buddies – Classes for Ages 2-3 Years Old

Circus Buddies is for our youngest students and their favorite grownups! Students will participate with an adult in this class to focus on physical, behavioral, and social development. Our Circus Buddies class is designed to help increase sense of balance, coordination, physical awareness and spatial orientation all while acclimating our students to following directions and participating in a group environment.

Click to register: Mondays at 11:00am
Click to register: Wednesdays at 11:00am

Kid Circus – Classes for Ages 4-5 Years Old

Kid Circus 1 is a general circus class that allows those ages 4-5 to try all that circus has to offer! Students will focus on building their sense of balance, coordination, physical awareness, and spatial orientation in conjunction with developing mental acuity and problem-solving skills. SANCA’s general circus classes start with a warm-up and then move on to working on age-appropriate circus skills in a few disciplines per week, including trampoline, tumbling, static trapeze, aerial rope, tightwire, aerial fabric, rolling globe, juggling, and more. Students will develop physical skills, increase confidence, and build self-esteem while having fun.

Click to register: Mondays at 11:00am
Click to register: Wednesdays at 11:00am

And that’s not all! There are so many other new and exciting classes at SANCA this fall. A new Lyra Jam, Trampoline Jam, Juggling, and much more. Check out our full listing of classes here.