New Year, New You!

Start the year off by developing your skills! Our movement classes are here to help you grow in strength and flexibility. Now is a great time to get moving each week, or to supplement your training.


Flexibility is a key component of every circus art, so this would be an excellent supplement to your favorite circus class or a great stand alone to ease you back into a fitness routine! This class is designed to improve range of motion through a combination of dynamic and passive stretches and holds.

Tuesdays @ 7:30pm – SIGN UP


Strength and Flex

Are you ready to level up your circus conditioning?Join us for an hour of Circus-focused conditioning and flexibility to take your circus skills to the next level! This class makes a great addition to your favorite circus skills class or as a great way to get moving each week.

Saturdays @ 2:00pm – SIGN UP

Registration closes January 15th, so sign up today!