Welcome our newest Board member: Fawzi Belal

Fawzi Belal is an equity strategist with a wealth of experience in creating outreach strategies to foster inclusion, belonging, and strong communities. His drive to foster equity for his communities is inspired by his experiences as a new immigrant in survival mode during his teenage years. Fawzi is a family person, a father of two amazing boys, a former professional athlete and coach, and an unapologetic trauma-informed leader. He holds a Masters in Human Service and Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on D&I and has a deep belief in using deliberate inclusive practices to bring out the best in everyone. He also earned a Diversity and Inclusion certification from Cornell University and is an IDI Qualified Administrator (https://idiinventory.com) and offers consulting services for sports teams in DEI: https://www.abelongingclimate.org

We are more than happy to have Fawzi on our Board. Please join us in giving him a big warm circus welcome!