Meet SANCA’s new Artist-in-Residency Coordinator

Today we announce that the talented circus artist Terry Crane has accepted the role of AIR Coordinator here at SANCA! Terry loves to perform and facilitate the performance of live circus. He currently resides at Equinox Studios, where he is a proud plant parent. Born and raised in the foothills of the cascades, he has been a climber and a ham since his earliest days. He specializes in vertical rope, trapeze, Cyr wheel, partner acrobatics, and slack rope. As founder of two circus companies, Circus Syzygy and Acrobatic Conundrum, he has made it his mission to further expression and ensemble work in contemporary circus in the Pacific Northwest. He brings his acumen as a producer, director, and performer to the role of Artist in Residency Coordinator at SANCA. His favorite color is green. He sometimes glazes over in conversation as he is concocting his next pun. As A.I.R. coordinator, his goal is to bring the circus community a breath of fresh air.

Did you know that Terry also runs Acrobatic Conundrum, Seattle’s premier contemporary circus arts company? Check out the amazing shows he produces and see what’s upcoming here.