Cirrus Circus

About the Troupe

Founded in 2006, Cirrus Circus (formerly the Youth Performance Company) is known throughout Seattle as one of the most accomplished circus troupes in the region. It is a year-round comprehensive circus program that gives experienced students an opportunity to train intensively multiple times a week in a supportive, group-oriented environment.

Cirrus Circus offers students many diverse opportunities to showcase their performance skills. The troupe performs year-round in SANCA circus shows and around the city of Seattle and has one annual full-length production. Cirrus also attends the AYCO (American Youth Circus Organization) Festival every other summer.

In July 2014, Cirrus Circus had the honor of performing at the London International Youth Circus Festival in England, at No Fit State in Cardiff, Wales, and Island Circus in Sylt, Germany.

Performers in the audition-only group utilize a variety of disciplines, including acrobatics, aerial, juggling, tightwire, unicycle, and more.

How to Apply

Who can come to Evaluation Week and how do you apply?
Students ages 12-18 with intermediate to advanced circus skills are invited.
Interested students can get more information and RSVP through email.

Get More Info & Apply


What is Evaluation Week?
Prospective students get the chance to attend Cirrus classes to see if it is a good fit in skill and commitment level.
Evaluation week will be held Week of May 7, 2023. (class dates are May 9, 12, & 13).

What are the skill requirements?
-A good attitude
-Team mentality
-Desire to perform for an audience
-Level 2 or above in a circus skill
-Understanding of at least 2 circus disciplines




“For me, anything that has to do with collaboration, circus has definitely helped. You have to practice with people and agree on everything. It has made me more patient working with other people.”
– Sam Wilk, Cirrus Circus 2018 graduate


Sam and Hallie on Chinese pole in “Embers” 2016