SANCA’s Annual Spring Showcase (SASS)

Two unique variety shows featuring the Youth Company, instructors and friends of the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts.

Founders Chuck & Jo – Acrobalance
Circus 1-ders! Trapeze & Tumbling
Arne – Club Juggling
Youth Company member: Lyla – Tissu
Youth Company members: Jasmine & Emma – Tightwire
Russell & Heather – Double Trapeze
Magnus – Clown
Terry – Rope
Youth Company member: Manny – Juggling
Youth Company members: Jasmine & Emma – Double Trapeze
Rachel Randall – Modern Dance
Jonathan Rose – Rope

Youth Company – Bull Fight
Leslie Rosen – Bellydance
Anne – Trapeze
Alice DeAnguera & Annette Dong – Acrobalance
Jon & Quyn – Rope
Nickolai Pirak- Juggling
Ropeworks – Ropejumping
Lauren & Anne – Double Trapeze
Leslie & Rachel – Ballerina
Sara Sparrow & Graeme- Acrobalance
Youth Company member: Electra – Tissu
Youth Company – Juggling

Performed at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center