KCRQ – Alternative Frequency (SANCA Staff Show)

The staff of the SCHOOL OF ACROBATICS & NEW CIRCUS ARTS (SANCA) cordially invites you to join us for the annual staff show, KCRQ — Alternative Frequency.

SANCA boasts an immensely talented staff of circus and performing artists, several of whom are local or international performers. Each year, for one weekend only, they devise a unique new show. This year, CiRQus hits the airwaves like you’ve never heard it before with the debut of the limited-run show: KCRQ — Alternative Frequency.

A boy with a wildly active imagination listens to the radio and gets entangled in vivid dreams of what he hears. As he spins the dial, sampling genres from Funk to Country to Big Band, his creative fancies take form, spinning, dancing, and somersaulting into reality. Via the medium of radio that leaves so much to the imagination, an ordinary evening of audio entertainment transforms into a whimsical journey through time, space, and impossibility.

KCRQ — Alternative Frequency will feature debut performances by Carey Cramer (corde lisse aerialist), Ben Weston (acrobatics and dance), and Terry Crane (Circus Syzygy, The Sunlight Zone, Circus Flora, Hurjaruuth Dance Theater) with a brand new Cyr Wheel performance.

Additional featured performers include Kari Podgorski (cloudswing — Circus Contraption, Seattle Opera’s Pagliacci, Teatro ZinZanni), Jon McClintock (aerial chains — The Cabiri, AerLift, Moisture Festival), Alyssa Hellrung (trapeze — Circus of Dreams, AerLift, Moisture Festival), Nickolai Pirak and the Russian Bar Hoppers.

The show will also feature High-Rise Ensemble Acrobatics choreographed by Rachel Randall (R and All Dance Company), live music and arrangements by Nicholas Lowery, and cameos by Carl Bystrom and Tara Jensen.

Artistic coordinator: Terry Crane (Ecole nationale de cirque graduate & cofounder of Circus Syzygy).
Producer: Darren Dos Santos (Cirque du Soleil’s KA and ZAiA)